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Our Goal

The goal of The Smart Homer is to help people improve and enhance the quality of their home life the smart way. We cover everything home-related including smart devices, furniture, décor, appliances, guides, and much more about the various aspects of home improvement. We aim to provide useful informational content to empower our visitors in making their homes more automated, beautiful, and efficient. Lastly, we hope that the content on this site will positively elevate and amplify your home life in a multitude of ways. 

The Smart Homer Team 

The contents of this site are extensively researched by The Smart Homer Team so that we can deliver maximum value to our visitors. We pledge to do our best to provide you with accurate and helpful advice on everything home-related. Our expert team of excellent, educated, and experienced individuals extensively research, test, and present carefully curated home-related product reviews, guides, and tips. If we do not have a specific product on hand, we refer to other credible and reputable reviewers in the space who have also extensively researched and tested that product to provide additional value and accurate information to our readers. We’ll help you decide which products are the best, as well as the best value and budget picks depending on your needs.

Theo is the founder of The Smart Homer. He has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and is an experienced tech enthusiast. He is knowledgeable about home-related tech including smart devices, appliances, electronics, computers, and much more. He is also a seasoned artist and designer.
Dee Glazer is a designer, tech enthusiast, and writer based in New Jersey. She is also a professionally trained artist, whose interests include interior design, plant care, technology, and much more. Her combination of skills allows her to write knowledgeable and useful home-based articles.
Jenna is an experienced writer with a diploma in journalism. Her passion for home creativity partnered with her love for writing has enabled her to create knowledgeable and useful articles on a variety of home-related topics. She is knowledgeable about topics about pets, plants, art, appliances, and much more.
Tatyana Stavrowsky is a creative writer based out of San Francisco, California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Literature from California College of the Arts and has previous home decorating experience. Tatyana’s articles are crafted around the principles of health, utility, and elegant living.