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The Smart Homer is devoted to providing the best resource for those looking to improve and enhance the quality of their home life. Our goal is to help people improve and make the home they always wanted the smart way. On this site, you will find informational how-tos, product reviews, and guides covering the various aspects of home improvement.

The Smart Homer is here to help people discover the best smart home devices, technologically advanced appliances, home decor, furniture, and more. We aim to provide useful informational content to empower our visitors in making their home more automated, beautiful, and efficient. Additionally, the contents of this site are extensively researched so that we can bring maximum value to our visitors.

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Theo Thomas

Theo Thomas earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and is a seasoned technologist. He is knowledgeable about various aspects of technology including smart home devices, electronics, computers, appliances, and has written numerous articles pertaining to them. He is also knowledgeable about topics relating to home design, furnishing, decor, and art, though technology is his true love.