Best Cat Cameras with a Laser

Cat cameras are essential tools for monitoring your cat’s welfare when you are out of the home. The best cat camera with laser can help you play with and monitor your cats from a remote location. If your cat has health issues, such a cat camera can help you keep track of the cat’s condition throughout the day remotely. The laser feature can also allow you to play with the sick cat so that it does not feel lonely.

You can also use a cat camera with laser to check up on your adorable kittens while you are away. Having an eye on them can ensure that you know exactly what they are up to when you are not home. Kittens are notorious for getting into all sorts of trouble. Monitoring them using a cat camera helps you identify steps you can take to ensure they do not damage anything or get hurt as they play.

Best Cat Cameras with a Laser

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera With Laser Toy and Alexa Built-In

[New 2020] Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In, for Cats & Dogs. 1080P HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitoring App View on Amazon

With this Wi-Fi enabled pet camera, you can check on your pet at any time from your phone. Its pet monitoring features include night vision and 1080p HD video. Also included is an ultra wide angle view of 160°, and 4* zoom. You will also receive real time motion and sound alerts as part of this superior monitoring system.

Petcube Play 2 also features incredible 2 way audio that allows you to hear and speak to your cat simultaneously. Its sound quality is ultra rich, and this is boosted by the technologically advanced speaker bar as well as the 4 piece microphone array.

The in built laser toy within this pet camera is pet safe. You can control it from your phone or put it on auto play mode. Both options allow you to entertain your pet when you are away. Also featured is the built in Alexa Assistant. You can command Alexa to play music for your pet as well as order its favourite meals. In addition, you can answer questions, control the smart devices in your home, and hear the news using this built in feature. Voice functionality for Alexa is optional.

This pet camera with laser toy can support 2 Wi-Fi configurations, namely the 4Ghz and the 5Ghz connections. Only iPhones with iOS 11 or higher, and Androids with 7.1.2 OS or higher are supported. Setup is quick, and should only take approximately two minutes. A 12 month warranty is provided along with every purchase. The manufacturer also provides 24/7 customer support.

VSTARCAM Pet Camera With Laser

Pet Camera, Cat Camera with Laser Wireless Cat Camera 1080P Cat Toys, Night Vision Sound Motion Alerts, APP Remote Control Home Security Camera for Pet & Baby View on Amazon

One of the main features of this pet camera from VSTARCAM is its laser toy. Owners can use this laser toy to play with their pets, as well as to exercise them. The laser toy can be remote controlled using your phone. Otherwise, you can set the laser at fixed point cruise, which will move the laser automatically.

This pet camera is wireless, with Full HD 1080P camera specifications. Other features of this camera include 355° horizontal and 120° vertical rotation range, as well as a 107° wide angle view. With this pet camera, you can expect 360° protection for your home.

In addition, this pet monitoring device comes with night vision  that is up to 10m in the dark. Its IR-Cut dual filters also help ensure that this device is transmitting high quality images both day and night. The built in microphone and speaker allow for 2 way audio. This way, you can listen and speak to your pets. You can also play music stories in order to comfort and calm them.

Motion and sound detection are also features of this pet camera. This device will push alerts to your phone when it detects out of the ordinary motion or when your pet is making distress sounds.

Please note that this VSTARCAM pet camera comes with both iOS and Android functionality, and supports 2.4Ghz WiFi. WiFi setup is quick via the company App that you can access through your smartphone. A maximum of four users can be able to view the camera feed at the same time using different devices from anywhere. Furthermore, a 12 month warranty is provided with every purchase. The company also provides 24 hour customer service for any inquiries or complaints.

AIIYME Pet Camera With Interactive Laser Toy

Home Security Camera, Pet Dog Camera with Interactive Laser Toy Wireless Baby Monitor FHD 1080P WiFi Cat Camera 360° Indoor Security Camera 160°Wide Angle 2-Way Audio Night Vision Motion Detection View on Amazon

AIIYME’s pet camera comes with an in built laser toy, ideal for keeping your cat busy when you are away. You can control the rotation of this laser remotely through your phone. Alternatively, you can set the laser on fixed point cruise. This setting allows the laser to automatically rotate, keeping your pet busy when you are too occupied to move the laser remotely.

Night vision is enabled on this device, and you can see 32-39 feet in pitch darkness thanks to this feature. Its dual Intelligent IR-Cut filters helps provide you with high quality images day and night. A microphone and speaker are inbuilt into this camera, allowing for 2 way audio. This way you can speak and listen to your pet when you are away.

Camera features include Full HD 1080P specifications that allows you to check in on your pet anytime through your phone. Other specifications of this camera include 160° wide angle view, as well as a vertical range of 120°. You can mount this camera on your desk, the roof or a wall.

WiFi setup is easy using your Android or iPhone. Please note that the AIIYME pet monitoring system only supports 2.4GHz WiFi. Once setup, you can remotely access this device’s video recordings 24 hours a day. You can also remotely adjust the air conditioner in your home using this pet camera.

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