10 Best Slipcovers for Leather Couches and Sofas

Leather sofas and couches are normally quite pricey and are bought with the intention of long term use. Unfortunately, these household items are likely to get damaged in the majority of homes if proper protective measures are not taken. The best way to protect your leather couch or sofa is by using a slipcover. In this article, we will cover (pun intended) the best slipcovers for leather couches and sofas.

Sofas need protection from food and dirt stains, especially those caused by kids. In addition, slipcovers are essential in households with pets. Animals normally destroy sofas and couches by clawing and biting into them. This damage to the sofa can effectively be deterred through the use of a slipcover.

Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-Piece Couch Sofa Cover Furniture Protector Soft with Elastic Bottom for Kids, Spandex Jacquard Fabric Small Checks(Sofa,Light Gray) View on Amazon

Easy-Going’s stretch slipcover is designed using superior fabric. 20% of this fabric is spandex, while the remainder of the fabric is polyester. This mix of polyester and spandex makes the fabric stretchy, comfortable, and soft. Owing to this stretchy feature, Easy-Going’s slipcover can cover a surface area that ranges between 60-81 inches. Potential buyers should measure their couches and sofas before purchasing this seat cover.

Installation is simple and can be completed within 10 minutes if instructions are followed carefully. The package will include a one-piece slipcover, as well as an instruction manual. Care for this item is also quite simple. It is machine washable, but, it is advisable to wash at 30°C with only mild laundry detergents. It is ill-advised to iron or bleach this sofa/couch cover. It is also important to note that this slipcover is not waterproof, and is not intended to protect against liquid spills.

Foam strips are included, and they are highly flexible. You can easily tuck them into the grooves of the sofa or couch. A warranty of 29 days is provided with every purchase.

Rose Home Fashion Anti-Slip Sofa Cover

RHF Anti-Slip Sofa Cover for Leather Sofa, Couch Cover, Couch Covers for 3 Cushion Couch, Slip-Resistant Couch Cover for Leather Sofa, Sofa Covers for Living Room, Couch Covers(Sofa:Chocolate) View on Amazon

This is a slip-resistant sofa and couch cover from Rose Home Fashion. One of its main features is its tuck-in sacks. The aim of these sacks is to ensure that this cover stays in place, preventing it from slipping. Two wide strings are located at the back of this sofa cover. They too can assist in keeping this RHF cover in place by being tied to the sofa legs. Another anti-slip feature is a silicon rubber dot design at the back of this sofa.

When it comes to measurement, this slipcover is ideal for sofas that measure 68 inches. Its fabric is made using quilted faux cotton and is water repellent. This fabric is reversible, which allows for diverse looks at different times. In addition, RHS’s large sofa cover is both hair and dirt resistant.

It is easy to care for and maintain this sofa cover. It should be machine washed, and dried under cold and cool machine settings respectively.

Gorilla Grip Slip-resistant Slipcover

View on Amazon

The Gorilla Grip slip-resistant slipcover is a great option for protecting your leather couch or sofa. This particular slipcover is crafted using a very soft top layer of luxurious suede-like material. Which makes it extremely comfortable. To stay in place on your leather couch or sofa, it features 2” patent-pending straps that are adjustable to your needs.

Moreover, the Gorilla Grip slip-resistant slipcover repels liquid, stains, hair, and is thick enough to protect your leather couch from pet damage. It is also backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Lastly, it comes in 7 beautiful color options along with two sizes to choose from. However, it is imperative that you measure your leather furniture before ordering this item. Doing this ensures that you are ordering a perfect fit. Cleaning and maintenance are simple as this couch cover are machine washable.

Rose House Fashion Velvet Sofa Slip Cover

RHF Velvet-Sofa Slipcover, Stretch Couch Covers for 3 Cushion Couch-Couch Covers for Sofa-Sofa Covers for Living Room,Couch Covers for Dogs, Sofa Slipcover,Couch slipcover(Beige-Sofa) View on Amazon

This Rose House Fashion slipcover is trendy, large, and amongst the best slipcovers for leather sofas and couches. It is slip-resistant thanks mainly to its elasticized bottom. This feature creates a perfect fit and ensures that this cover stays in place at all times. With the elasticized bottom, there is no need for straps, making this a highly convenient slipcover.

The velvet material used in the crafting of this cover is soft, cozy, and comfortable. It is also stretchy, enabling it to fit your leather sofa perfectly. It is also important to note that this material does not create static electricity. Furthermore, this non-slip cover for leather couches is hair resistant, which is essential if you have pets in the home.

In addition, it is easy to care for as it is machine washable. Instructions for machine washing will be provided with the package upon delivery. It is recommended that you measure your leather sofa before ordering this cover. This way, you ensure you get the correct size.

Mambe Sofa Cover for Pets and People

100% Waterproof Furniture Cover by Mambe - Sofa, 70' x 120', Chocolate Cappuccino - for Pets and People - for All Types of Furniture and Bedding from Spills, Accidents, and Normal Wear and Tear View on Amazon

Mambe’s chocolate cappuccino slipcover is crafted from soft microfleece. This material is on both sides, making it fully reversible. Mambe’s furniture cover is also on this list of best slipcovers for leather sofas and couches because of its waterproof membrane. This membrane is smack in the middle of the two microfleece sides. It guarantees 100% waterproof protection, preventing spills and drools from ruining your beloved leather sofa. This membrane is silent, and will not make annoying noises during movement.

Furthermore, this slipcover is ideal for sofas that measure 70 *120 inches. Product dimensions are 16 * 15.5 * 5.4 inches. The item’s weight is 5.55 pounds. Care is easy as it is machine washable. When washing, ensure the machine setting is warm. Tumble dry on medium, or hang it outside to dry. It is important to use an enzyme-based cleaner to pre-treat pet urine stains on this slipcover before washing it. This will help eradicate any odors.

Le Benton Reversible Leather Sofa/Couch Cover

Le Benton Reversible Sofa Cover, Quilted Pet Couch Slipcover, Elastic Strap, Machine Washable - Brown/Taupe View on Amazon

Le Benton’s triple strapped slipcover also makes it to the list of best slipcovers for leather sofas and couches. It features one horizontal strap that is elastic, as well as an additional two vertical straps. The straps help to keep this slipcover firmly in place at all times. Le Benton’s elastic horizontal strap is not only durable, but thick, removable, and adjustable. This strap can stretch the length of the couch.

Furthermore, this Slipcover comes with a reversible design, allowing you to switch sides as needed. This product measures 12*10*4 inches and weighs 2.34 pounds. It is appropriate for sofas and couches that measure 68 inches. It is essential to measure your couch before placing an order so as to avoid any inconveniences.

Cotton and polyester are the materials used in the manufacture of this item. Both these materials have waterproof properties, making this slipcover an ideal protector against spills. In addition, these materials are sturdy enough to withstand numerous washes.

Rose Home Fashion 2 Piece Sofa Cover

Rose Home Fashion RHF Jacquard Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Cover, 2-Piece Slipcover for Leather Couch-Polyester Spandex Sofa Slipcover&Couch Cover for Dogs, 2-Piece Sofa Protector(Sofa: Black) View on Amazon

Rose Home Fashion uses a combination of spandex and polyester to make this 2 piece sofa cover. The use of these materials makes this slipcover elastic, easy to adjust, as well as comfortable. It measures 14.4*12.2*7.3 inches, making this sofa protector ideal for sofas that have a seat width ranging from 55 to 73 inches. In the majority of instances, this cover can stretch the entire length of your sofa. Please measure before purchasing.

An elasticized bottom helps keep this slipcover in place at all times. There are no straps found on this sofa protector allowing for an elegant look. Its 2 piece design also aids in creating the perfect fit for your leather sofa. As a result, customers can expect that they will not have to constantly tuck this cover.

Care is easy as all that is required is machine wash in cold. Tumble dry low, and ensure that you do not bleach or iron this item.

H.VERSAILTEX Sofa Slip Cover

H.VERSAILTEX 100% Waterproof Sofa Cover Protector Couch Covers for Dogs/Pets | Sofa Slipcover for 3 Cushion Couch with Non Slip Backing and Adjustable Strap (XL Sofa, Grey) View on Amazon

H.VERSAILTEX is the manufacturer of this high-quality sofa slipcover. It is ideal for sofas that measure 78 inches and is 100% waterproof. Being waterproof makes this slipcover a great sofa protector against spills. In addition, this large furniture protector is crafted using 5 layers of superior soft quilted microfiber. Microfiber makes this slipcover fur, soil, and stain proof, while also protecting your leather sofa from normal wear and tear.

Another impressive feature of this slipcover is its non-slip silicon rubber backing. This backing comes in a decorative puppy paw design. The aim of using silicon rubber is to guarantee that this cover stays in place at all times. It is eco-friendly, and chemical-free, guaranteeing the safety of all that come into contact with it, including pets and kids.

This product comes with a 5-year quality assurance warranty. In addition, the company has provided a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a no-risk return policy. Please do not use bleach while washing.

RSBC Home Anti Slip Cover for Leather Sofas

RBSC Home 78 Inch Sofa Cover 100% Waterproof Anti-Slip Couch Cover for Leather Oversized Sofa Slipcover for Pets,Baby Dogs Cats Washable Protector Plus 1 Brush View on Amazon

This is a coffee-colored, 78-inch oversized slipcover from RSBC Home. It is made using high-quality polyester that is conveniently resistant to pet hair. Pet hair does not cling to this fabric. As such, it can be easily removed by a brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner. This material is also waterproof, making it an ideal protector against water spills, pee, and drool. Its waterproof property ensures that it remains user friendly even after numerous washes.

Another essential feature of this slipcover is its anti-slip nature. It comes with 8 strings that are tied to different parts of the leather sofa. With these strings, customers can expect that this cover will not slip off the leather sofa. In addition, the strings remove the need for foam or straps. The result is a more elegant look, that is also environmentally friendly.

For enhanced functionality, this slipcover comes with eight pockets. Two of these are large and can be found on both sides of the sofa. Three smaller side pockets can be found on each armrest. These pockets are useful for the storage of magazines, remote controls, books, cell phones, glasses, and tablets amongst other accessories.

Flamingo P Slip Cover for Leather Sofas and Couches

Sofa Slip Cover for Leather Couch Covers for 3 Cushion Couch Lounge Cover Kids Sofa Covers Stretch Sofa Cover Set Furniture Covers for Moving, Couch Sofa Slipcover, Sand View on Amazon

Also on this list of best slipcovers for leather sofas and couches is this slipcover from Flamingo P. It is large in size, and made using Lycra Jacquard knitted fabric. This material is super stretchy and highly durable. In addition, the fabric has a soft, comfortable feel, and remains wrinkle-free at all times.

Its super stretchy nature allows this cover to fit couches and sofas measuring between 72 and 88 inches wide. The manufacturer recommends that you measure your furniture before making an order to ensure that you get the right fit.

This Slipcover is also quite stylish thanks to its 1 piece construction. A 1 piece construction means that the sitting cushion area, as well as the entire body, have been fitted together. As a consequence of this unique design, customers can expect this slipcover to function as a decor enhancing sofa protector.

Installation is simple, and instructions are provided in the package. Form sticks are also provided, and they make it easier to put on this slipcover over the leather couch/sofa.

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