10 Best Extra Large Air Fryer of 2021

Air fryer ovens are taking the cooking world by storm. This is because air fryers are beneficial in a multitude of ways including allowing you to cook heather meals with a shorter cooking time. However, they are smaller than normal ovens which can be a problem if you want to cook larger meals. Therefore, below, we have reviewed the best extra-large air fryers with ample capacity for cooking larger meals.

We have made sure to include a variety of extra-large air fryers in terms of capacity, accessories, and preset program options. From this list, it should be a breeze to find the right air fryer oven for your family’s cooking needs.

Iconites 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

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With this extra-large air fryer oven, you get 20 quarts of oven space. This allows you to make enough food for your entire family in one go. Also, the Iconites air fryer oven is an all in one machine. You not only get an air fryer, but a rotisserie, oven toaster, pizza grill, and dehydrator in this singular appliance. Moreover, this fryer oven boasts a wide temperature range of 180°F-400°F. Such flexibility allows you to comfortably rotisserie, air fry, dehydrate, bake, toast, roast, and grill in this one device.

Its technique of circulating extremely hot air around food significantly reduces the amount of oil needed for cooking. This hot air penetrates the food, and customers can expect even cooking, as well as maximum moisture retention. For that crispy, delicious taste, the Iconites air fryer oven uses 1800 Watts of power to cook your food.

This appliance comes with 10 preset options making it quite easy to use. The LED digital touchscreen is visible. Simply use this to choose any cooking mode you prefer. Accessories provided include 2 pieces of oven mitts, a skewer, a chicken fork, and a fry net basket. Furthermore, you will also receive 5 dehydrating racks, a rotating basket, a fetch rack, and a drip tray.

COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Oven

COSORI CO130-AO Air Fryer Toaster Combo 30L 12 Functions Large Countertop Oven, Rotisserie & Dehydrator with 1800W, Manual-Silver View at Amazon

Many people consider the COSORI air fryer oven to be the best extra-large air fryer on the market. This is mainly due to its incredible capacity of 30L as well as its 12-in-1 presets. With this kitchen appliance, you can warm, roast, ferment, air fry, dehydrate, and toast food. You can also make bagels, pizza, and cookies, as well as broil and bake in it.

Its air fryer function allows you to make fried foods with up to 85% less oil. Moreover, its large capacity allows you to cook more food in one go. For instance, you can easily cook an entire chicken, a 13-inch pizza, and even six slices of toast in this oven.

Customers can expect easy cooking with this plus size air fryer oven. This is thanks to its highly visible LED screen, easy to use dial controls, and ample interior lighting. A recipe book comes with the package, and so does a fry basket, crumb tray, rotisserie handle, and a food tray. The recipe book comes with at least 100 original recipes. Other accessories you should expect to find include the rotisserie fork set and the wire rack.  

Best Choice Products Family Size Air Fryer

Best Choice Products 16.9qt 1800W 10-in-1 XXXL Family Size Air Fryer Countertop Oven, Rotisserie, Dehydrator w/Digital LED Display, 12 Accessories, 9 Recipes - Black View at Amazon

16.9 quarts of capacity allows this magnificent large-sized air fryer to fit whole turkeys, chicken, and other family-sized portions. You can easily monitor your food inside this device thanks to its large display window and pull down door. These two features make it possible to check on your food without letting the heat out.

Cooking with this device is easy owing to its 10 preset cooking options displayed on the LCD touchscreen. This air fryer also features 12 accessories that include wire racks, a rotating basket, and a skewer rack set. Also part of the package is 9 sumptuous sample recipes that you can use this air fryer to prepare.

Furthermore, Best Choice used FDA approved materials to craft this device and it is ETL listed for safety. With this, you can expect that using this device will not compromise your health. Any unwanted aftertastes are non-existent because of the high-grade materials that form the interior of this appliance.

Impressively, Best Choice’s air fryer oven comes with an automatic shut off function. This feature prevents overheating and overcooking. Temperature control is between 90-400 degrees while its dehydration timer can go up to 24 hours.

GoWISE USA Air Fryer Oven

GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Air Fryer Grill with Dual Heating Elements & Oven with Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Preheat and Broil Functions + 11 Accessories with 2 Recipe Books (Stainless Steel/Black), Ultimate View at Amazon

One of the most impressive features of this incredible extra-large air fryer is its dual heating elements. These elements serve the purpose of heating food faster, and evenly. Customers can expect less cooking time, and better-tasting food as a result. A manual mode option allows you to choose between dual, top, or bottom heating.

Its rapid air technology, as well as dual heating, allows this air fryer from GoWISE to perform various functions. You can use it to bake, air fry, roast, grill, roast, sear, and dehydrate amongst other cooking applications. An aluminum-crafted heavy-duty grill plate sits directly at the top of the bottom heating element. This feature and its placement also contribute to faster, equal heating, making this device exceptionally suited for grilling.

Customers can also expect that this device is easy to clean. For starters, its aluminum grill plate is nonstick, which makes clean up a breeze. Secondly, both the interior and exterior of this sizable air fryer oven are stainless steel. Such surfaces require less elbow grease when cleaning. Moreover, the stainless steel material allows this device to withstand high temperatures of up to 450°F.

Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer Oven

Instant Pot Omni Plus 11-in-1 Toaster Oven - Air Fry, Dehydrate, Toast, Roast, Bake, Broil, Slow Cook, Proof or Reheat View at Amazon

The Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer is part of the best large-capacity air fryer list due to its 26L capacity. Thanks to this capacity, you can easily make six slices of toast in this oven at the same time. You can even bake an entire cake, or a 12” pizza, and roast a whole chicken.

Other than its large capacity, the Instant Omni Plus also features 11 different smart functions. With the touch of a button, you can proof, air fry, warm, dehydrate, slow cook, toast, broil, or bake. You can also choose between rotation and convection when roasting. This device also boasts a polished finish and is crafted using stainless steel. Some elements of it are plastic.

Furthermore, the touch controls on the display screen are easy to use. This appliance will also remember your settings for each smart program. Hence, you can make your favorite meals exactly how you like them with just the touch of a button.

This air fryer oven comes with an oven rack, a rotisserie lift, spits, and rotisserie forks. You will also get a cooking pan and an air fryer basket as part of the accessories. 

Aria Air Fryer Oven

Aria Air Fryers ATO-898 Toaster Oven Air Fryer, 30Qt, Brushed Stainless Steel View at Amazon

With a capacity of 30Q, this extra-large air fryer oven is sufficient for your family’s cooking needs. It consists of multiple cooking levels allowing you to cook enough portions for your family or guests. You can fit a whole 5.5-pound chicken, a full cake, a 12” pizza, and even 6 slices of toast in it. Each unit comes with a frying basket, and two grill racks, sufficient for one’s cooking needs at any given time.

This device also cooks incredibly fast. According to the manufacturer, the Aria air fryer oven is capable of cooking up to 30% faster than microwaves. Allegedly, this appliance only takes a fraction of the 15 minutes it takes ordinary ovens to heat to 450°. Its incredible heating capabilities are due to its dual-directional heat feature. This cooking appliance has 6 heating elements at the top and bottom that evenly heat your food.

You get a professionally curated recipe book when you purchase this air fryer oven. You also receive a lifetime warranty for this product. In-built auto-shutoff sensors turn this appliance off once you open the door. The timer will resume once you close the door.

MOOSOO Air Fryer Convection Oven

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This extra-large air fryer is silver in color with a weight of 19.6 pounds. It measures 15.16 x 13.78 x 16.14 inches and has a capacity of 23L. Featured are 10 preset functions that include warming, air fry, defrosting, dehydrating, rotisserie, toasting, air broiling, baking, and roasting.

Users can expect that this air fryer is easy to operate as control is by the touch of just three buttons. The LED screen is large, and the knobs and dial controls make it simpler to customize cooking settings. Air convection technology helps the device cook the food evenly, and also to lock in flavor and nutrients.

A double glass door helps to lock in heat, enhance cooking efficiency, as well as conserve energy. Plus, the stainless steel material helps to extend the service life of this device. This is thanks to the material’s resistance to high corrosion and temperature.

Upon delivery, you will receive this air fryer oven, 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, and 8 pieces of accessory kits. These accessories include a cookbook, a fetch rack, baking pan, wire rack, and a removable crumb tray. Moreover, you will also receive an air fryer basket, and a rotisserie split assembly as part of the accessories kit.

Innsky Air Fryer Oven

Innsky 10.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie & Dehydrator, 【Patent & Safety Certs】10-in-1 Air Fryers Toaster Oven Combo, Airfryer Countertop Oven, 6 Accessories, 32+ Recipes, ETL Certified, 1500W View at Amazon

This machine functions as an oven toaster, air fryer, pizza grill, dehydrator, and rotisserie. A wide temperature range of 150 °F to 400°F allows it to execute all these functions. 1500 watts power this device, which helps it to rapidly cook food. Moreover, this air fryer oven has a capacity of 10.6Q enabling you to prepare family-sized portions in one go. 

The Innsky air fryer uses 360°hot air circulation to cook your food. Users can thus expect crunchy, delicious food with minimal oil. The surfaces of this oven are non-stick making it easy to clean. Furthermore, every removable part is dishwasher safe and can be dried using hot air.

Operation is easy thanks to the touch buttons that allow you to choose from 10 preset programs. Automatic shut off helps to prevent overheating, as well as overcooking. Moreover, the manufacturer used FDA-approved, food-grade material in the construction of this cooking appliance.

Alongside this air fryer oven, you will also receive 8 skewers, a removal tool, two mesh racks, and a rotisserie basket. In the package, you will also find a rotisserie shaft and a drip tray that catches any fat. Clean up is easier thanks to this drip tray. 

NUWAVE BRIO Air Fryer Oven

NuWave Brio 15.5-Quart Large Capacity Air Fryer + Grill; Probe; 2 Stainless Steel Racks; Drip Tray; Rotisserie Kit; Sear, Stage, Preheat, Rotisserie View at Amazon

Here, we have another large air fryer oven with a 14Q capacity, and 100 pre-programmed presets. You can use this device to warm, air fry, sear, roast, grill, and rotisserie, dehydrate, preheat, and stage food. An 1800 watt motor powers this appliance. Hence, this cooking instrument is powerful enough to evenly cook food to the desired preference.

NuWave makes this fryer using stainless steel, which provides for a wide temperature range while cooking. Moreover, it boasts of an advanced multi-level design, which allows you to cook different meals at the same time. Because of this, the NuWave Brio can allegedly cook up to 70% faster than traditional ovens.

Its overall dimensions come in at 17 x 15.25 x 22.5 inches. Also, cleaning it is simple as all its removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Accessories that accompany the NuWave air fryer oven include a non-stick grill plate, mesh racks, and a drip tray. You will also get a temperature probe, a recipe book with 70 original recipes, and a rotisserie kit as part of the package. You can adjust this accompanying temperature probe in increments of 1° from 60°-212°F.

CalmDo Air Fryer Oven

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This CalmDo oven also makes it to our list of the finest extra-large air fryers. It has a capacity of 12.7Q allowing you to make enough food for your family in one go. You can use it to cook an 8” pizza, 500g of fries, or even 4 pounds of chicken. Furthermore, it comes with three levels, which also allows you to make sufficient portions.

Also, it features 18 built-in preset functions that are quite capable of meeting your daily cooking needs. You could also customize settings by manually adjusting temperature and cooking time to meet your preferred taste.

Its detachable, transparent door allows you to monitor your meals as they cook. The fact that it is removable makes cleaning easier. You can also turn on the interior light to better observe how the cooking is going.

To ensure that your food is evenly ready, this air fryer oven circulates super-heated cyclonic air at 360°. Moreover, this mode of cooking allows for minimal oil use in the preparation of your food. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 of the best extra-large air fryer ovens on the market. These kitchen devices are not only convenient, but they also allow you to cook healthier meals with less oil. Choose one that suits your cooking capacity needs, function, and budget. You can also check out this handy guide on how to use an air fryer if you are a newbie. Happy cooking!

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