12 Best Fitted Sheets That Won’t Come Off

Fitted sheets will always be high in demand mainly due to their high slip resistance capability. When looking for the best fitted bed sheets that will not come off, you should prioritize pocket size, as well as elasticity. The material used in the production of these sheets is also crucial. The following are some of the 12 best fitted sheets currently in the market.

Utopia Bedding Queen Fitted Sheet

Utopia Bedding Queen Fitted Sheet - Bottom Sheet - Deep Pocket - Soft Microfiber -Shrinkage and Fade Resistant-Easy Care -1 Fitted Sheet Only (White) View on Amazon

This is a queen size fitted sheet from Utopia Bedding that is designed with comfort in mind. This sheet is made from high quality brushed microfiber yarn. Using this material guarantees the softness and the breathability of this classic fitted sheet.

Owing to its plush texture, it is easy to clean and is conveniently machine washable. This sheet also comes with Smooth Grip Skirt technology. The system allows this sheet to adequately fit oversized mattresses to depths of 15 inches. The elastic rows of this technology are found at the base of the skirt. This design feature gives this sheet a sleek, smooth appearance when applied.

This sheet always provides a firm fit, is easy to stretch, and rarely slips. Thanks to these characteristics, this sheet is ideal for restless sleepers and small children that tend to turn and toss a lot.

Other impressive features of this sheet include fade resistance, as well as stain resistance. In addition, it is easy to iron.

Bare Home Fitted Queen Bottom Sheet

Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet Queen - Premium 1800 Ultra-Soft Microfiber - Deep Pocket (Queen, Dark Blue) View on Amazon

This queen size fitted sheet by Bare Home measures 60”wide by 80” long. It features a high thread count of 1800, making it highly durable.

It comes fully elasticized with the durable elastic covering all the edges of the bed. This feature makes this bottom sheet snugly fit different sized mattresses 6”-15” deep.

Designed using high quality soft brushed microfiber, this sheet has a soft feel, is easy to wash, and long-lasting. The microfiber yarn used in its production is double brushed. This makes this queen-sized sheet dust and mite resistant. Its hypoallergenic quality also makes it resistant to other common allergens. Thus, if you are prone to asthma or allergies, this is the most ideal bedsheet for you.

In addition, wrinkle resistance technology has been incorporated into the design of this sheet. This guarantees a smooth, sleek look every time this sheet is on the bed. It is machine washable and dries quickly on the low tumble dry machine setting.

California Design Den Fitted Twin Sheet

Soft Twin Fitted Sheet Black 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count, No Pop-Off Elastic, Deep Pocket, Durable Sateen Weave Sheet with Head & Foot Tags (Twin, Black) View on Amazon

This is a fully elasticized bottom sheet from California Design Den. It measures 39” wide by 75” long, with pockets measuring 15” deep. It is designed using a satin luxe weave fabric, which is not only plush, but smooth, ultra-soft, and shiny as well.

The fabric used in the construction of this sheet is 100% cotton that is long-staple in nature. The yarns are single ply, which adds to the durability of this sheet.

Another key feature of this sheet is its 400 thread count per square inch. This quality further enhances the softness and luxurious feel of this sheet. It also contributes significantly to the breathability and comfort of this twin sheet.

This bottom sheet is machine washable, which makes cleaning easy and convenient. In addition, drying is also effortless as all that is required is a short cycle.

Also featured is a smart side indicator for easier, hassle-free use.

Utopia Bedding Twin Fitted Sheet

Utopia Bedding Twin Fitted Sheets - Bulk Pack of 6 Bottom Sheets - Soft Brushed Microfiber - Deep Pockets - Shrinkage & Fade Resistant - Easy Care (Grey) View on Amazon

This is a value pack of six twin fitted sheets from Utopia Bedding. Each of these sheets is manufactured using high-quality microfiber material. The microfiber yarns have been meticulously brushed, making these sheets breathable and soft.

Furthermore, the microfiber is tightly weaved, which blocks the immediate soaking up of the liquid by the fabric. Instead, the liquid collects and sits at the surface, giving you plenty of time to clean it up before it is soaked in. This property makes these sheets highly stain resistant.

These sheets feature a 4- inch hem on the sides, accentuating the style and design of these sheets even further. In addition, the highly effective Smooth Grip Skirt system has been utilized in the design of these sheets. This technique gives these classic fitted sheets deep enough pockets that can fit up to 15 inches deep.

The elastic rows can only be found at the base of the skirt, which gives these sheets a sleek appearance when on the bed.

Their plush look and texture are long-lasting thanks to the durability of the microfiber material.

These sheets are conveniently machine washable.

Elegant Comfort Fitted Sheet

Premium Hotel Quality 1-Piece Fitted Sheet, Luxury & Softest 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Bedding Fitted Sheet Deep Pocket up to 16inch, Wrinkle and Fade Resistant, Twin/Twin XL, Aqua Blue View on Amazon

This is a 1-piece fitted sheet from Elegant Comfort that features ultra-fine microfiber yarns. These yarns make this sheet as soft as a 1500 thread count sheet made from the finest Egyptian cotton. It measures 39” wide by 80” long, and is both hypoallergenic and breathable. Its hypoallergenic quality stems from the microfiber material used in its manufacture. This material is naturally repellent to contaminants including mites, mildews, and common household allergens.

This Egyptian quality sheet has elastic all around with deep pockets that can comfortably cover up to 16” deep.

It is also wrinkle-free thanks to the high quality 100% microfiber used in its construction. The microfiber material is responsible for the ultra-softness of this sheet. In addition, this material is stronger, more durable than cotton. The strength and durability of this material make this sheet tear-resistant and long-lasting.

Furthermore, this sheet is fade-resistant and maintains its plush look even after years of regular use.

Bare Home Fleece Fitted Sheet

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Fitted Sheet - Twin Extra Long Size (2 Pack) - Extra Plush Polar Fleece, No-Pilling - Deep Pocket - All Season Cozy Warmth (Twin XL, Grey) View on Amazon

This is a premium fitted sheet from Bare Homemade from high-quality fleece material. This fleece material is extra soft and is resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, pilling and fading. Its fleece construction makes this sheet resistant to bed bugs and mites as well.

In addition, the fleece excels at repelling humidity and moisture keeping you cool as you sleep. However, it is heavy enough to keep you warm during the cold winter days.  What’s more, this material is breathable and lightweight, giving you extra comfort every night. The hypoallergenic nature of the fleece makes this product ideal for individuals that suffer from wool and flannel allergies.

This product comes in a two-pack containing two twin extra-large fitted bottom sheets. Each of these sheets measures 39” wide by 80” long. In addition, these sheets come with deep pockets that are a perfect fit for depths ranging from 6”-15”.

Taking care of these sheets is easy as all it takes is a cold water wash in the machine. It also dries very quickly under tumble dry machine settings.

CGK Unlimited Twin Size Fitted Sheet

Twin Fitted Sheet - Single Fitted Deep Pocket Sheet - Fits Mattress Perfectly - Soft Wrinkle Free Sheet - 1 Fitted Sheet Only – Light Grey View on Amazon

This twin size fitted sheet from CGK Unlimited is made from microfiber material. It also boasts of a high thread count per square inch giving it a plush, silky look.  As a result of its microfiber construction, this sheet is ultra-soft. In fact, it is much softer compared to similar sheets crafted from Egyptian cotton.

This fitted sheet comes with deep pockets that can comfortably accommodate depths ranging from 6”-15”. It comes with strong, thick, and durable elastic that goes all the way around.

In addition, owing to the microfiber material, this sheet is wrinkle and tear-resistant. Wrinkle resistance means it gets out of the drier without any wrinkles. Hence, there is no need for ironing after drying. This sheet can move from machine to the bed without any further care or maintenance.

By being tear-resistant, the microfiber guarantees the durability of this sheet despite regular use over several years.

Bare Home Flannel Fitted Bottom Sheets

Bare Home Flannel Fitted Bottom Sheets (2 Pack) 100% Cotton, Velvety Soft Heavyweight - Double Brushed Flannel - Deep Pocket (Twin, Grey) View on Amazon

This is a two-pack from Bare Home that consists of two fitted extra-large bottom sheets. These flannel sheets are made from 100% cotton that has been double brushed. The multiple brushing ensures that each of these sheets is ultra-soft, and maintains this softness for years to come. In addition, the weave is denser and longer-lasting than weaves found in other sheets.

These fitted sheets measure 39” wide by 80” long. Their pockets are deep and provide a great fit for depths of up to 15”. Furthermore, these sheets come fully elasticized for optimum fit. As a result of the elastic and deep pockets, these sheets rarely slip.

If you have sensitive skin, these sheets are ideal for you and your skin. This is because they do not contain any harmful, toxic, or allergy-causing chemicals or ingredients.

Furthermore, these sheets are machine washable, but, ensure you wash under warm setting with like colors. These fitted sheets also dry quickly under tumble dry low.

Mayfair Linen Twin Fitted Sheet

100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Weave 800 Thread Count Twin Fitted Sheet with Elastic All Around - Fits Mattress Upto 18 inches Light Blue View on Amazon

This is a twin fitted sheet made using 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton from Mayfair Linen. With this sheet, you get luxury and comfort thanks to the sateen weave incorporated into its design. It has elastic all around and comes with an impressive 800 thread count per square inch.

By being fully elasticized, you can be assured that this sheet will stay on the mattress at all times.

There are no microfiber elements in this sheet. It is made from the best Egyptian cotton yarns, which gives it a luxurious look and feel.

It measures 38’ wide by 74” long and comes with 15” deep pockets. These measurements make it ideal for covering pillow top and deep mattresses.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return this item if they are unsatisfied with its quality within 30 days of purchase. They will receive a full refund after doing so.

Mezzati Luxury Fitted Sheet

Mezzati Luxury Fitted Sheet Only - Soft and Comfortable 1800 Prestige Collection - Brushed Microfiber Bedding (Beige, Twin Size) View on Amazon

This is a brushed microfiber fitted bedding sheet from Mezzati Luxury. It comes with an 1800 brushed microfiber count, giving it a soft, silky touch and appearance.

This sheet is made from 100% polyester microfiber, and measures 39” wide by 75” long. In addition, it is a twin size sheet that comes fully elasticized. Its pockets can fit a depth of up to 14 inches making it ideal for most mattresses.

Owing to the use of microfiber in its construction, this sheet is both hypoallergenic and breathable. It is also resistant to dust mites, and bed bugs.

Maintaining this sheet is easy as it is machine washable, preferably in cold water. Drying is simple as well as all that is required is the tumble dry on low setting.

Basic Choice Microfiber Fitted Sheet

Basic Choice Solid Color Microfiber Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet, Twin, Aqua Sky View on Amazon

This is a 100% microfiber fitted sheet from Basic Choice. By being 100% brushed, the microfiber fabric gives this sheet a soft and luxurious feel. In addition, this sheet is durable and easy to maintain thanks to this feature. Furthermore, the fabric is shrunk prior to sheet production for optimal shape retention. It is also mercerized for guaranteed extended product life.

The material is allergy repellent as well as dust mite resistant. It is machine washable and can be dried using the machine’s low temperature dry.

This fitted sheet also features an all-round elastic, which makes it slip-resistant. In addition, it features deep pockets suitable for deep mattresses.

CGK Unlimited Single Fitted Sheet

Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet - Single Fitted Sheet Only - Extra Deep Pockets Twin Size Sheets - Fits 18 In to 24 In Mattress - Extra Deep Twin Fitted Sheet - Deep Pockets that Actually Fits Mattress View on Amazon

This is an extra deep fitted sheet from CGK Unlimited best suited for deep mattresses. This sheet comes with very deep pockets that can adequately fit depths ranging from 18” to 24”. It also comes with an all-round elastic. This means you do not need to worry about it slipping from the mattress when you are turning.

This sheet is made from 100% microfiber, making this fitted sheet highly durable. The microfiber fabric also makes this sheet hypoallergenic and breathable.

It is machine washable, with cold water being the most preferred. Set the machine on tumble dry low when drying this sheet.

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