10 Best Floating Kitchen Shelves of 2019

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Dishes on floating kitchen shelves

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, how you manage the available space can either make or break its overall look and feel. With newer and better kitchen appliances and gadgets taking more and more space, maintaining a clutter-free kitchen may require something as simple as shifting your focus from the counter to your walls. And floating kitchen shelves are the best solution to doing that.

Apart from creating more kitchen space, floating shelves allow you to keep your most frequently used utensils, gadgets, and dishes close by when you are cooking. Floating shelves also gives you a chance to display those utensils and gadgets in an organized manner.

These floating shelves do not interfere with your decor either, in fact carefully selected colors and wood grain patterns can complement or positively contrast to create a beautiful kitchen design.

During our research of the best floating kitchen shelves, it became quite clear that there is a large assortment available. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the best one for your kitchen.

So, we decided to narrow down and create a list of the ten best floating shelves for kitchens we encountered. We have included a diverse range of floating shelves that are sure to make any kitchen more spacious, organized, and aesthetically pleasing.

Best Floating Kitchen Shelves:

  1. DAKODA LOVE Clean Edge Floating Shelves

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The Dakoda Love Clean Edge Floating Shelves are a set of two shelves, each measuring 36”L x 5.25”D x 1.5”H. They weigh 14 pounds and are packaged with their mounting hardware. They are also available in 24 inches if you’re looking for smaller shelves.

These shelves are made of dry kilned and beautifully grained pine wood. They are hand-made with attention to detail to ensure that the final product is nothing short of appealing. The 100% countersunk brackets make these clean edge shelves sit perfectly against your wall to create the aesthetics of a seamless floating self.

The Dakoda Love Clean Edge Floating Shelves are also available in an espresso color with a clear protective coat finish. Additionally, if you are environmentally conscious, Dakoda Love ensures that they donate to plant a tree for each unit of these floating shelves you buy.

  1. DAKODA LOVE Rugged Distressed Floating Shelves

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If you are going for a distressed, rustic, and yet beautiful floating shelve design for your kitchen? You may just have found a winner with the DAKODA LOVE Rugged Distressed Floating shelves.

These shelves are uniquely and patiently handmade in the USA. They are also hand stained with a clear coat finish to protect its unique wood grain.

They are a set of 2 dry kilned pine wood shelves that weigh13.5 pounds. Each measure 36”L x 5.2”D x 1.5”H. You can also get them with a shorter length of 24 inches if you so wish. The mounting hardware is also included.

The brackets of the DAKODA LOVE Rugged Distressed Floating shelves are 100% countersunk and hidden to invisibly connect the bourbon-colored shelves to the walls of your kitchen. To conserve the environment, Dakoda Love donates to plant a tree for every unit sold.

  1. Joel’s Antiques Rustic Solid Pine Shelf

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The Joel’s Antiques Rustic Solid Pine Shelf is a beautiful heavy duty floating shelf that is perfect for holding more weight than standard floating shelves. It comes in several different lengths ranging from 30” up to 72”. You also get to choose from colors such as gray, mocha, medium brown, or weathered wood.

This shelf is great for holding heavy items such as dishes, appliances, and more. It is made from solid pine wood in the USA and in case you are wondering how to install, it comes packaged with heavy duty mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions.

To add a smooth, beautiful and antique look, it is finished with 3 coats of commercial poly and matte.

  1. Rustic Luxe Floating Wine Shelf & Glass Rack set of 3

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The Rustic Luxe Floating Wine Shelf set by del Hutson Designs are handmade in the USA using high-grade pine wood and finished with a dark walnut stain that will stand out against almost any kitchen wall. Each piece measures 10”W x 24”L x 5”H while the entire set weighs 19.1 pounds.

The set of 3 includes a floating shelf, a wine glass rack that holds 15 glasses and a wine bottle rack with a capacity to hold up to 5 bottles. Each piece of this set is as unique as any natural grained piece of wood can be.

Mounting hardware is not included, but the pieces come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Get some anchors and screws and you are good to go.

  1. Rusted Pine Industrial Floating Shelf

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Rusted Pine Industrial Floating Shelf boards are made from quality pine wood that is crafted in-house. The natural imperfections and distinct wood grain of each shelf produced make each one unique and beautiful.

To cater to the different amounts of wall space available, these shelves are supplied in lengths ranging from 18” to 84”. This product also comprises of 3/4” gun-metal black heavy-duty iron pipes of which the boards sit on.

To truly bring your kitchen to life, Rusted Pine offers to stain the finished shelf with a color of your choice. The package includes hanging hardware to fasten the pipes on to the wall as well.

  1. DAKODA LOVE Weathered Edge Floating Shelves

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Spice up your kitchen walls with these beautiful floating shelves. The DAKODA LOVE Weathered Edge Floating Shelves are made from furniture grade pine wood which has been kiln dried to ensure durability. Each shelve is handcrafted in-house for product consistency.

Once mounted, these real wood shelves sit flush on the wall. The floating wood effect is further achieved by brackets that are countersunk and concealed. The finish is uniquely done with hand wiped stain and a clear coat for a refined rustic look.

The complete décor comes as a set of 4 shelves weighing 14.65 pounds. Variations in length allow for stunning arrangements and better use of limited space. They are supplied in autumn and espresso color.

  1. del Hutson Designs Floating Wine Shelf and Glass Rack Set

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The del Hutson Designs Floating Wine Shelf and Glass Rack set are good multi-purpose floating shelves that most kitchen owners will find very useful. The floating shelves are of high-grade pine wood with a rich walnut stain finish to give your kitchen a unique and decorative design.

They are made as a set of 2 real wood handcrafted shelves. One is elegantly designed to hold wine bottles but can also be used to store flat bottomed kitchen appliances. The other is a rack that can hold up to 15 wine glasses.

The set weighs 20.1 pounds with each shelves measuring 6”H x 36”L x 10”W. Also available is a set of 2 – 24” long shelves. Although the product does not include hanging hardware, the back panels have pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

  1. Kiera Grace Maine Wall Shelf

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These elegant floating wood shelves come as a set of 3. Each piece measures 24”L x 1.5”H x 5”W. Real wood is used in the making of these shelves to ensure a strong product. A single shelf has the capacity to hold items of up to 10 pounds.

Apart from the black color, these decorative shelves also come in a white finish. Other sizes include 12 and16 inches in length and all come in packs of 3 shelves.

They are lightweight with the complete set being 4.5 pounds. The items are supplied in a package that includes installation hardware. These are plastic anchors, metallic brackets, and screws for ease of hanging. Instructions are also well laid out to ensure perfect alignment of the shelves on your kitchen wall.

  1. DAKODA LOVE Routed Edge Floating Shelves

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The DAKODA LOVE Routed Edge Floating Shelves come in bourbon, cloud, espresso and midnight colors. You can also choose the unfinished version giving you a chance to color it as per your kitchen theme or other preference. They come as a set of 2 weighing 12.35lbs. Each shelf is 36”L x 5.25”D x 1.5”H.

Additionally, the routed finish brings out the uniqueness of each shelf. While carefully handcrafted edges give the impression of layered structure which compliments these sturdy shelves. Apart from the pinewood used being furniture grade, it undergoes dry kiln treatment to ensure durability as well.

These shelves have countersunk brackets which are 100% hidden. They also sit flush against the wall giving them a gravity-defying illusion. With correct installation, each of these clear coated shelves can hold up to 30lbs.

  1. del Hutson Designs Floating Wall Shelves

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Handmade with a beautiful rustic look are some of the qualities that make the del Hutson Designs Floating Wall Shelves stand out. These shelves are crafted from high-grade pine wood with a walnut color finish. Each piece is unique to the natural variation grain in the wood used.

Moreover, strength is a major trait of these shelves as they can support up to 50 lbs. They come with sturdy metal brackets, screws, and anchors for concealed wall mounting installation.

They are available as a pair of 36”W x 2”H x 5.5”D wood shelves weighing 14.02lbs. These floating shelves also come in white and dark walnut colors with lengths of 24, 20, and 16 inches available.

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