10 Best Large Wooden Salad Bowls

Purchasing the right larger wooden salad bowl is a solid investment. A large-sized wooden bowl can last for decades if it is well taken care of. Some can even become collectibles if they are high-quality pieces. Therefore, we have reviewed the best large wooden salad bowls that are durable, big enough for family-sized servings, and are easy to maintain.

In addition, you need to look out for bowls that have been manufactured using one single type of wood or are made of segmented pieces. These are often the most durable owing to their sturdy construction. Most importantly, the type of wood used in the construction will determine durability and appearance. Hardwoods such as cherry, acacia, teak, and bamboo are the preferred choice for constructing wooden salad bowls.

As their name suggests, hardwoods are harder, and their density makes them the ideal choice for serving dishes with high water content. In addition, most hardwoods come with a gorgeous contrast of hues, making them visually appealing. Hence, salad bowls made from this type of wood can be used as centerpieces.

Lipper International 274 Serving Bowl

Lipper International Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Large, 13.75' Diameter x 5' Height, Single Bowl View on Amazon

This cherry finished serving bowl from Lipper International has a diameter of 13.75 inches making it quite spacious. Its height comes in at 5 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds. Its beautiful shape will enhance any decor. In addition, its generous size is ideal for serving fruit or salad. It could even function as a centerpiece bowl due to its fine features.

The rich cherry color that stains this bowl is food safe. Furthermore, this aesthetic bowl is crafted from rubberwood, which is eco-friendly and durable. For cleaning and maintenance purposes, please hand wash it using cool water and mild soap. Also, ensure to dry thoroughly after every wash. You can occasionally coat the inside of this bowl with mineral oil. This will assist in maintaining its appearance.

This item should not be soaked or put in the refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher. Exposing this Lipper International large serving bowl to extreme changes in temperature will cause it to crack over time. In addition, it is advisable to refrain from using electric mixers or metal knives in this wooden salad bowl. Such instruments can severely damage the inside of this bowl.

Lipper International 294 Serving Bowl

Lipper International Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Matte, Large, 13' x 12.5' x 5', Single Bowl View on Amazon

The Lipper International 294 large serving bowl has a beautiful shape topped with a wavy rim. It measures 13*12.5*5 inches, which is large enough for a generous serving of fruit, and salads. A deep, rich cherry color has been used to stain the interior and exterior of this bowl. Be assured that this stain color is food safe, and will not contaminate your food. Its wonderful design and color will instantly complement any decor. In addition, owing to its large size, and eye-catching design, this item can also serve as a centerpiece bowl.

This serving bowl from Lipper International is made using rubberwood, which is durable and eco-friendly. Please note that you should wash this item by hand only, using cool water, and mild soap. After washing, be sure to dry this item thoroughly.

Do not soak this bowl in water. In addition, refrain from placing it in the refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher. Any exposure to extreme temperature changes can result in its cracking.

In order to help maintain its appearance, it is advisable to use mineral oil on the inside of this bowl. This should be done once in a while when it appears dull.

Mountain Woods Serving Bowl

Mountain Woods Cherry Finish Footed Bevelled Rim Wood Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads | Decorative Bowl | Perfect for Gift - 15'x 5' View on Amazon

Here, we have a large serving bowl that measures 15*15*5 inches. It has been accentuated further thanks to its inverted rim design. A dark cherry finish tops off its regal look. This serving bowl is suitable for serving pasta, snacks, salads, coconut, side dishes, nuts, cereals, noodles, and popcorns. Furthermore, its depth and shape make it ideal for tossing large quantities of salad.

Other than functioning as a food bowl, this Mountain Woods serving bowl can also function as a decorative item. It makes an excellent centerpiece when decorative items, large vegetables, or fruit are placed in it. Each of these bowls is made using Asian oak wood that has been plantation grown. Making these bowls from oak wood enhances their durability and strength, and also allows for an attractive finish. In addition, this type of wood is widely known for its versatility and function.

Please note that this bowl is not dishwasher friendly. Hand washing is the recommended method of washing this item. Wipe with water, and mild soap, and then dry thoroughly. Do not allow this product to soak in water.

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl View on Amazon

This large salad bowl from Lipper International is crafted using high-quality bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource. The use of bamboo in its creation also makes this bowl sturdy and durable. A finish has been applied on the bamboo, but it is chemical-free and food safe.

It measures 14*14*4 inches making it large enough for holding generous portions of fruits, salads, and even cereals. Its versatility does not stop there, you can also use this bowl to make original Caesar salad dressing. The diameter of the bottom part of this bowl measures approximately 8.5 inches. Owing to its aesthetically appealing design and make, this bowl can also serve as a centerpiece bowl.

Maintenance of this bowl is easy. However, please note that you should only handwash this item. Under no circumstances should you place this bowl in the dishwasher, refrigerator, or microwave. Doing so can expose this item to drastic changes in temperature, and this can cause it to crack as time passes on. In addition, refrain from chopping anything inside this bowl as it might ruin the material.

Ironwood Gourmet 28108 Large Salinas Standard Salad Bowl

Ironwood Gourmet Large Salinas Standard Salad Bowl, Acacia Wood View on Amazon

Acacia wood is the material used in the crafting of this eye-catching salad bowl. The acacia is what gives this bowl its naturally contrasting patterns. With 12*5.5 inch measurements, this bowl from Ironwood Gourmet is perfect for family-sized salads. In addition, its unique design is riveting, making this item highly suited to be a centerpiece.

Cleaning and maintenance are simple. All you need to do is handwash this item with warm water that is slightly soapy. Air drying is recommended for this particular product and should be done immediately after each wash. You can also use Ironwood’s Butcher Block oil to keep this bowl looking brand new for years to come. This oil is food safe and acts as a protective treatment for products such as this. The company recommends that you oil this product consistently in order to prevent cracking and preserve its natural luster.

Please refrain from soaking this Ironwood product in water. In addition, you should not store this bowl in highly humid environments. Leaving it in such an environment could cause this bowl to warp.

Rachael Ray Pantryware Parawood Salad Bowl

Rachael Ray Pantryware Parawood Salad Bowl / Serveware - 14 Inch, Wood View on Amazon

This salad bowl from Rachael Ray is durable and stylish thanks to its artistically grained parawood make. Parawood is extracted from the rubber tree that is native to Brazil. Another major benefit that parawood confers on this bowl is good shock absorbance. Food grade mineral oil is the finish of choice here as it helps to accentuate the lavish parawood grain.

Its measurements come in at 14.3*14.3*5.5 inches, which makes it large enough for serving popcorns, salads, fruits, snacks, and vegetables. You can also serve potato chips, family-sized Chicken Caesar, as well as chopped salad in this bowl.

This versatile Rachael Ray bowl can also be used for countertop storage and organization. Due to its distinct look, it can function as a statement-making centrepiece, and will perfectly complement any decor.

Care and maintenance involve hand washing with warm soapy water. This item should then be dried thoroughly, immediately after each wash. Avoid using blades and other sharp objects in this bowl as it can chip it, scratch, or damage it. Each of these bowls comes with a quality assurance guarantee.

Arthur Court Acacia Wood Serving Bowl

Arthur Court Acacia Wood Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads Tulip Shape Style Large 12 inch Diameter x 4.5 inch Tall View on Amazon

Featuring a unique tulip design, this serving bowl from Arthur Court is the perfect centerpiece for any special occasion. It is crafted from Acacia wood, which is a sustainable hardwood with quite a number of attractive color variations. This wood does not soak up any liquid, and because of this, neither will the bowl. In addition, your Arthur Court Acacia serving bowl will not hold any stains or odors.

It is also important to point out that these bowls are handcrafted and hand turned. Furthermore, this Arthur Court serving bowl is kid friendly, and has no splinters or sharp corners.

A food-safe finish has been applied to this item to enhance its appearance. Its tulip design makes this bowl ideal for serving salads, pastries, popcorns, snacks, and fruits. You can also use them as chili bowls, and for serving Cesar salads, as well as cobb salads.

For care and maintenance, please hand wash with warm water and mild dish soap. This item is not dishwasher or microwave friendly. Treat this bowl using 100% pure mineral oil once a year. Doing this will restore the grain to its original aesthetic condition.

Woodard & Charles Large Wooden Serving Bowl

Woodard & Charles Large Wooden Serving Bowl for Salads, Fruits, Popcorn, Pasta, 10” Diameter x 4.5“ Height, 10' x 4.5', Cherry Stain View on Amazon

Woodard & Charles wooden serving bowl measures 10*4.5 inches, and is ideal for regular, and Caesar salads. In addition, it can also be used as a fruit bowl, and for serving chips or popcorn. Caterers and restaurants can also derive a lot of utility from this product. Furthermore, this large wooden serving bowl from Woodard &Charles can serve as an ideal hostess or bridal gift.

The manufacturer crafts these bowls using rubberwood. As a result, customers can expect durability as well as versatility of this item. In addition, this bowl will not stain, or absorb water thanks to its rubberwood make. In addition, it will not absorb any odors.

A cherry stain has been applied as finish to accentuate this beautiful bowl. Each bowl is handcrafted in Vietnam by highly skilled artisans. With a weight of 2.14 pounds, this bowl is lightweight, and easy to move around.

Please note that this is a wooden item, and as such, should not be put in the microwave. Every natural wood item contains some moisture. Exposing them to microwave heat can result in cracking and splitting.

Gibson Home Laroda Salad Bowl Set

Gibson Home Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set, Laroda View on Amazon

Here, we have a three-piece salad bowl set from Gibson Home. Each set contains a serving bowl measuring 10.25*4 inches that is oval in shape. It is large enough to serve a salad for approximately six people.

This bowl is accompanied by two matching servers, a serving spoon, and a serving fork. Every item in this set is crafted using acacia wood. This type of wood is brown, with a naturally attractive grain, giving these items a warm, rich appearance.

Appearance aside, acacia also confers functional properties on this serving bowl set. For starters, customers can expect that these items will be highly durable because of their acacia build. In addition, these items will not be easily scratched, thanks to the sturdiness of acacia. These items are also resistant to fungi, possess water-resistant properties, and will not easily warp. Furthermore, acacia wood is food safe, hence these items can be used to serve food.

Hand wash only using mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly immediately after every wash. Please do not place any item in this set in the microwave, or in the dishwasher.

Shanik’s Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl

Shanik’s Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl - Perfect for Serving Salads, Snacks or Fruits - 12 inches Diameters - Made from a Single Piece of Acacia Wood with Two Beautiful Leather Handles View on Amazon

With this Shanik acacia wooden serving bowl, each meal is a special occasion. Its beautiful shape makes it the perfect centerpiece for your home. In addition, this bowl measures 12 inches in diameter and comes with two leather handles. Its large size makes this bowl ideal for serving family size salads, as well as fruits. The handles will allow you to carry this bowl with ease.

High quality, long-lasting acacia wood has been used in the crafting of this bowl. The grain will be different on each bowl, making them absolutely unique. This wood is then stained with a deep and rich brown color to accentuate this bowl’s design. The brown color will complement any decor. Furthermore, it is food safe and poses no health risk to users.

To clean this bowl, hand wash it using mild soap, and water. Unsatisfied customers will receive a 100% refund if they return this item within 30 days of purchase. Luxurious packaging is provided in case you would like to gift this bowl to a loved one.

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