9 Best Organic Bamboo Sheets

Cotton is the traditional material used in bed sheets. However, its growth is unsustainable due to the pressure it puts on already strained water resources. Bamboo is the best sustainable alternative to cotton. Due to this it is becoming a popular material choice for bedsheets. The best bamboo sheets are those that offer unparalleled softness, antibacterial properties, as well as breathability.

When selecting bamboo sheets, you should go for those that are 100% bamboo. Avoid those that come as a blend of bamboo and other fibres. Weave is also an important factor as it influences how the sheets feel. Twill and sateen are the most common weave choices in this regard. Below is a list of 9 superior organic bamboo sheets.

BAMPURE Organic Bamboo Sheets

BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets - Bamboo Bed Sheets Organic Sheets Deep Pocket Sheets Bed Set Cooling Sheets Queen Size, White View on Amazon

BAMPURE Organic bed sheets are made from 100% organic bamboo viscose. They get their superior softness from this material. These sheets are crafted within a chemical free environment. As a mark of quality, BAMPURE sheets are OEKO-TEX approved.

Other features of these bamboo sheets include the fact that they are wrinkle-free and highly breathable. Their breathability makes them naturally resistant to odors. In addition, they provide a cooling effect during hotter months, while keeping you warm and cozy during winter. For this reason, these sheets are ideal for hot sleepers.

Furthermore, these purely organic Bamboo sheets are designed using silky soft sateen weave. The result is a comfortable and durable product that softens with each wash. Each set of these queen size sheets comes with a fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases, and a flat sheet. Both sheets come with deep pockets. Full elasticity and an upgraded elastic bottom are two main features of the fitted sheet. These features prevent ripping. In addition, this fitted sheet can fit mattresses up to 16” thick.

Pure Bamboo King Size Organic Bamboo Sheets

PURE BAMBOO Sheets King Size Bed Sheets 4 Piece Set, Genuine 100% Organic Bamboo, Luxuriously Soft & Cooling, Double Stitching, 16 Inch Deep Pockets, Lifetime Quality Promise (King, White) View on Amazon

Pure Bamboo makes its king size sheets using 100% bamboo viscose. The use of bamboo in manufacture gives these sheets a soft, silky feeling. In addition, they grow softer with every wash. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification points to the high quality of these Pure Bamboo products.

Each set comes with a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a flat sheet. Pillowcases come with an envelope style as well as an overlapping closure. Both these pillowcases, as well as the fitted sheet in this set feature double stitch seams. With seams like these, customers can expect easy maintenance as well as enhanced durability.

Furthermore, these sheets feature deep fitted pockets that can reliably accommodate up to 16” thick mattresses. They also come with fully elasticized borders. The fabric of these sheets is made using a 300 count sateen weave. In addition, Pure Bamboo sheets contain antimicrobial properties as well as a high resistance to pilling, fading, and snagging. The bamboo viscose fiber used in the production of these sheets is extremely breathable. Hence, these sheets are ideal for all seasons.

Tafts Bamboo King Size Sheets

TAFTS Bamboo Sheets King Size - 100% Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set - 400TC Bamboo Bed Sheets - 4 Pieces - 17” Deep Pocket - Silk Feel, Cooling, Anti-Static, Hypoallergenic (Sky Blue) View on Amazon

Tafts Bamboo King Size sheets come with 400 thread count, as well as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. A 400 thread count gives these sheets better durability. In addition, these sheets are made from 100% pure bamboo viscose, which gives them a soft, smooth, and luxurious feel. The bamboo Tafts uses in the manufacture of these sheets is breathable and features naturally thermoregulatory properties. What this feature does is help keep you cooler during summer months, and warmer during winter. Another important feature of these sheets is that they are hypoallergenic. As a result, customers can expect a high degree of allergen and dust mite resistance from these sheets.

Each bamboo sheet from Tafts comes with deep pockets that can fit mattresses that are up to 17” deep. Pockets also come fully elasticized, and can perfectly accommodate corners. A high quality sateen weave is the fabric used in each item in the set. Owing to their 400 thread count, these sheets become cosier and softer with every wash. Each set features 2 pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a deep fitted sheet.

BAMPURE Bamboo King Size Sheets

6 Piece Bamboo Sheets 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets Bamboo Bed Sheets Cooling Sheets Deep Pocket Bed Sheets King Size, White View on Amazon

Every set of these bamboo king size sheets from BAMPURE comes with 6 pieces. Customers get a fitted sheet, 4 pillowcases, and a flat sheet. An upgraded elastic at the bottom as well as full elasticity are some of the features of the fitted sheet from this set. As a result, you get a snug fit that can fit mattresses that are up to 16” thick.

100% organic bamboo viscose is used in the manufacture of these BAMPURE king size sheets. The use of this naturally occurring material makes these products luxuriously soft. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, these sheets have I OEKO-TEX approved, which demonstrates their high quality.

Customers can also expect that these bed sheets are odor-resistant owing to their breathable feature. Furthermore, they are wrinkle-free and capable of thermoregulation. This means that they can keep you warm during cool nights, and cool during warmer seasons. The silky sateen weave fabric used in the manufacturing process makes each item in this set durable and comfortable.

DTY Organic Bamboo Bedding

DTY Bedding Luxuriously Soft 100% Organic Bamboo 4-Piece Sheet Set, Oeko-TEX Certified - King, Seaglass View on Amazon

All of DTY’s organic bamboo sheets are OEKO-TEX certified. In addition, the company utilizes a closed loop process in the manufacture of its products. This is an environmentally responsible way of manufacturing products. Every item in this four piece sheet set is crafted using 100% organic bamboo viscose.

The fitted sheet included in this four piece set can fit mattresses that are up to 18” deep. The flat sheet comes with folded finished seams. Also included in this set are 2 pillowcases that come with an envelope style closure. Each item here consists of a sateen weave  that features a 320 thread count. This fabric is single ply, and has long staple fibres to provide the ultimate luxury.

In addition, the sateen weave bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, a property that is conferred to these sheets. Other properties of these items include being antibacterial, dust mite resistant, odor resistant, antifungal, as well as bug resistant. All of these properties stem from the use of bamboo in the manufacturing process. With these features, customers that are prone to allergies can expect protection from allergens as they sleep.

GOKOTTA Queen Size Bamboo Sheets

Gokotta Bamboo Sheet Queen Size - Cooling Bamboo Sheets Bed Sheets, 17” Deep Pocket Cooling Sheets, Breathable & Luxury Bamboo Sheets 4 Pieces (Ivory, Queen Size) View on Amazon

Made using 100% bamboo, these GOKOTTA Queen size sheets feature a 300 count sateen weave. The result is ultra-silky and soft sheets that provide you with deep, restful sleep every time. People with sensitive skin will find these sheets ideal owing to their softness. In addition, this queen size bedding possesses anti-bacterial features and is also odor resistant.

Use of bamboo makes the items in this set breathable helping to cool you during summer, and keep you warm during winter. They also feature moisture wicking properties that allows these items to keep you comfortable every night.

In each of these GOKOTTA Bedding sets, customers will find a fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, and a flat sheet. Measurements for the flat sheet are 108*102 inches, while those of the fitted sheet come in at 78*80*17 inches. Each of the pillowcases included in this set measure 20*40 inches. Furthermore, each fitted sheet is fully elasticized, and comes with four additional corner stretch bands. This particular sheet also has a deep pocket that can fit mattresses up to 17”.

Bamtek Queen Size Organic Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamtek 100% Bamboo Sheets Queen Size - Super Soft & Breathable - Cool Sheets for Hot Sleepers - 4 Piece Set - White View on Amazon

Bamtek bamboo sheets are EKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. There is no blending with any other fibres in the making of these sheets. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used during production.

These sheets are crafted using 100% bamboo rayon, as well as a 300 thread count sateen weave. Customers will also receive a bamboo bag with every purchase of this set. You can use this bag to store your sheets in the cupboard. It is also important to point out that Bamtek bamboo sheets are easy to maintain. They can be machine washed using cold water, and air or tumble dried under low temperature. Following these instructions will help ensure that the material of these items stays soft and free of pill.

The pillowcases that come in this set feature an envelope type of closure. They also have deep pockets that can perfectly accommodate pillows that are 8” deep. The fitted sheet has deep pockets as well, comfortably covering mattresses that are up to 18” deep. This fitted sheet is fully elasticized.

JSD 4 Piece Organic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

JSD Charcoal Grey Cooling Bamboo Sheet Set King Size, Breathable Silky Soft Touch, 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set 16' Extra Deep Pocket View on Amazon

JSD makes its bed sheet set with 100% bamboo viscose that is zero blended with other fibres or fabrics. Bamboo has been shown to be twice as soft as cotton, as well as being much cooler. Customers can thus expect to find that the items in this set are cooler and softer than cotton. People that sweat at night will derive significant value from these sheets owing to their coolness. Thermoregulation is also a feature built in to these bamboo items.

A 300 thread count sateen weave has also been incorporated into the items in this set. With this property, JSD’s bamboo sheets get softer with every wash. This king bamboo sheet set features a fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, and a flat sheet. The flat sheet measures 102*106”, while the fitted sheet comes in at 78*80*16 inches. The two pillowcases measure 20*40 inches each.

The fitted sheet in this set has deep pockets, box fit stitching as well as a completely elasticized bottom. These properties enable this fitted sheet to snugly fit mattresses that are up to 16”.

Bedoir Design Co. Organic Bamboo Sheets

Bedoir Design Co. Pure Organic 100% Bamboo Sheets Set 300TC Cooling Bed Sheets, Sateen Weave Soft Sheets, 4 pc Set (Pure White, King) View on Amazon

Bedoir manufacturers its extra plush sheets using 100% bamboo. These sheets also feature a highly refined 300 thread count sateen weave. The result is an ultra-soft, luxurious product that offers premium sleep comfort. Owing to their makeup, these sheets are odor and piling resistant as well as being repellent to stains. In addition, they are 100% machine washable.

This unique fabric is also breathable and lightweight. Its thermoregulating properties allow this fabric to stay cooler than cotton by up to 5°. A property like this helps users to stay cool during hot nights. People who sweat at night will also find this property highly desirable.

No chemicals are utilized in the production of any items in this set. Hence, customers can expect that this set contains zero abrasive elements that can be hazardous to their health. Furthermore, the bamboo used in the manufacturing process is naturally hypoallergenic. Bedoir makes this sheet set with individuals with the most sensitive of skins in mind. The bamboo used in these products is sustainably grown, and requires less water for growth compared to cotton.

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