8 Best Standing Desks for Home Office

Standing desks are ideal for home offices because they give users the opportunity to become and remain active while working. Most of us work nearly all day every day while sitting. As a result, many of us are barely getting enough exercise. Too much sitting can then lead to serious health conditions that may decrease your quality of life. One way of combatting this is having a standing desk rather than the traditional sitting desk. As a result, we have reviewed the best standing desks for home offices.

Such a feature means that you can adjust the height electronically rather than manually. Users should also go for standing desks that have a wide range for height adjustments. This guarantees that you can set the desk at your most preferred height. The majority of the desks in this list come with wide height adjustment ranges. It is also important to consider the size of the worktop, as well as construction materials.

Best Standing Desks for Home Office

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 72' x 30' Natural Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5' to 50.7' with Memory Preset Controller (Rectangle, Silver Frame) View on Amazon

Jarvis is the brand behind this height adjustable desk frame. Its adjustable height capabilities make it ideal for standing desk users that are aesthetically and environmentally conscious. This product can adjust from 24.5 inches to 50 inches without the desk top. It can be used as a sit-stand desk, with the frame capable of supporting 350 pounds. Height adjustment is quietly motorized, giving 1.5 inches of adjustment per second.

Its desktop is crafted using high-quality bamboo, through production methods that are sustainable, and devoid of fertilizers or pesticides. The color of this desk is a natural occurrence of the kiln where production takes place, and not as a result of stains or chemicals.

Two management grommets are also featured, and they come with black wires. Another impressive feature of this desk is its touch programmable handset that has organic light-emitting diodes. There are four preset options on this handset that allow for quick and easy adjustment.

Please note that the company provides a seven-year warranty on all components of this product. This includes the electrical, mechanical, and frame details of the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk. Set up is easy as the company provides a simplified step by step instructions upon delivery.

UPLIFT Standing Desk

View on Uplift

Fast and reliable height adjustment are just some of the basic features that users can expect from UPLIFT’s V2 Standing Desk. Two separate motors, one in each leg, make height adjustment a breeze. The height range for this standing desk falls between 25.3 inches and 50.9 inches. Individuals that are 6 foot 3 inches and below will be comfortable using this particular standing desk.

In addition, the leg orientation of this standing desk has been inverted. Inversion led to more room for the installation of steel stability braces at the top of each leg. These steel stability braces are important because they eliminate any side to side wobble. Furthermore, there is no need for a lower crossbar when the stability braces are in place.

To enhance adjustment, the company has outfitted this standing desk with 3 stage legs. Consequently, users experience a 33% faster adjustment, as well as a 33% more height range. This is what they would get from a desk with only 2 stage legs.

Another impressive feature of the UPLIFT Standing Desk is its 48 accessory mounting points. The company has already filed a patent for this unique and revolutionary mounting point system. The main benefit of this particular system is that it allows for the simple and fast attachment of a wide variety of accessories.

ApexDesk Elite Series Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series 60' W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 60' Light Oak Top, White Frame View on Amazon

Also on this list of best standing desks for a home office is this beauty from ApexDesk. Its desktop is contoured and measures 60*29.5*1 inch. With this amount of space, users can expect ample room for their office tasks. The midsection of this desk is its narrowest point, and it measures 26.5 inches deep. It caves in to give the user better reach to the office essentials on the desk frame.

ApexDesk manufactures its superior standing desk using high quality, durable, and strong MDF wood. Users can thus expect a high degree of longevity of this product. In addition, a smooth matte gloss has been applied as a finish on the desk frame. This results in an aesthetically pleasing home office piece of furniture. Beveled edges, as well as a gloss finish on the black base, add hints of sophistication to this standing desk.

An electric height adjustment system is another great feature of this desk. It includes a dual motor lift that quickly and quietly adjusts the height of the desk frame. Dual motor achieves this feat by a record 1.5 inches per second. Height adjustment falls between 29 inches and 48 inches with the top. Set up of this product is simple, and most users will only spend less than an hour on complete installation.

Seville Classics Adjustable Standing Desk

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54' Solid-Top Commercial-Grade Electric Adjustable Standing Desk (51.4' Max Height) Table - Gray/Ashwood View on Amazon

Seville Classics has a unique height adjustment system for its desk known as the AIRLIFT S3. This system features a pair of dual motors that allow the desk to elevate to 51.4 inches high. This desk can also descend to a height of 25.6 inches thanks to the AIRLIFT S3. Speed of adjustment comes in at an impressive 1.5 inches per second, with the process being quick and quiet.

A single piece wood top forms this desk’s surface. It provides a smooth working surface for all of your home office tasks. It measures 54*28 inches, thus providing ample room for your day to day work-related tasks. Furthermore, this working top is compliant with CARB Phase 2 regulations. Compliance with this regulation means it is safe for home and business use. Set up of this wood top is made easier thanks to its pre-installed anchors.

Another impressive feature of this desk is its programmable height controller. Four memory settings are included in this controller. You can easily program the controller through its LED height display. This display is blue in color making it highly visible for most people. Through this height controller, users can expect consistent and easy adjustments throughout the day.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk 60' x 30' (Reclaimed Wood 2019) View on Amazon

If you are looking for a large workspace, then the Vari Electric Standing Desk is ideal for your home office needs. You can place several monitors, a laptop, a keyboard, papers, and a mouse on the worktop, and still have some room left over.

Its button touch height settings are another reason for inclusion in this best standing desk for home office list. These programmable settings are three in number. You can quickly adjust the height of your desk by selecting your preferred height from the display. A quiet yet powerful motor makes adjustment possible. You can choose a height ranging from 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches.

The highest quality materials are used in the construction of the Vari Desk. Heavy-duty steel and laminate are used for durability and strength. At the same time, a stability crossbar has been included to make this desk stable regardless of the height chosen.

Assembly is quick and painless, and can be done within five minutes. Special or complex tools are not necessary during installation. Desktop and legs are shipped separately for easier and quicker delivery. Users receive a 30 day risk free guarantee from the company, as well as a five year limited warranty upon purchase.

SHW Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 55 x 28 Inches, Oak View on Amazon

This is a 55-inch desk from SHW. It is oak in color and features a digital display handset. For easy height adjustment, this handset comes with four preset options. Its lift system is electric and is operated using a fully motorized lift. Height adjustment ranges from 28 inches to 45 inches. Telescopic adjustment transitioning is employed for more efficient height adjustment.

SHW manufactures its large, electric height adjustable desk using high-grade commercial steel. The desktop comes with grommets for users to easily organize their cords. Measurements for this desk are 55 inches wide by 28 inches deep, with the height ranging from 28 inches to 45 inches.

Resetting or initializing the digital handset is quite easy. First, press and hold the ‘DOWN’ key on the display, until it shows “Rst”. Continue holding the ‘DOWN’ key as this height adjustable computer desk lowers itself to its lowest level, and then back up again. Release this button once the display reads “70.5”.

Using the height adjustment controller is also as easy. Simply press the UP key when you want to raise this desk. When you want to lower the desk, simply press and hold the ‘DOWN’ key. To save your current height setting, press and hold the number key until a beep sounds.

FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Flexispot EC1 Adjustable Desk, Electric Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Whole-Piece Desk Board Home Office Table Stand up Desk Classic (Gray Frame + 48 in Mahogany Top) View on Amazon

FlexiSpot’s electric height adjustable desk comes with a spacious work surface, which measures 48*30 inches. You can place a number of laptops or monitors here, as well as project files, and office stationery. This worksurface is sourced sustainably with the environment as the main consideration.

This desk provides users with smoother height adjustments thanks to its motor lift mechanism. The height adjustment range for this home office desk falls between 28 and 47.6 inches. The speed of adjustment is 1 inch per second, with noise levels below 50dB when the motor is running.

The construction of this desk includes a strong, durable steel frame that is industrial grade. FlexiSpot then combines this with a solid worktop. Owing to its solid construction, this desk has a carrying capacity of 154 pounds. This is often more than enough support for the ideal home office desk setup.

With this desk, you can precisely adjust the height of your desk. You can then include healthy movements as you work. Please note that this product is shipped in separate packages, hence, the delivery may be separate. A 5-year warranty is provided for the motor and the frame. On the other hand, the switch, controller, and electronics come with a 2-year warranty.

VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 60 x 24 inch Memory Stand Up Desk, Dark Walnut Solid One-Piece Table Top, Black Frame, Standing Workstation with Preset Controller, DESK-KIT-1B6D View on Amazon

This VIVO Electric height adjustable desk allows you to switch from sitting to standing in one swift move. Its workstation is height adjustable, and users can customize their preferred desk heights. The height range on this piece of home office furniture falls between 29 and 48.8 inches. Strong legs combined with a powerful motor as well as telescopic height adjustment prominently feature in this desk. They allow users to transition from sitting to standing by simply pressing a button. You can even save your preferred height settings on the controller.

A large work surface is another great feature of this home office desk. Worktop measures 59*23.6 inches, which provides ample space for a number of laptops or monitors. Users can also place decor, supplies, and materials alongside the laptops/monitors.

Construction includes a sturdy frame that is crafted entirely from steel. The worktop is made from particleboard, and it too is reliably sturdy. Thanks to this heavy-duty construction, this desk is more than capable of supporting up to 176 pounds of weight. A 3-year manufacturer warranty is provided for the entire fixture. You should also note that this item is shipped in two separate boxes, and these may be delivered at different times.

What to look for in a Home Office Standing Desk

A few considerations you should make when looking for a home office standing desk include:

Height Range

The ideal height adjustment range of the desk for you will be dependent on your height and individual needs. That being said, the optimal height adjustment range for a standing desk falls between 22.6 and 48.7 inches. If you will be sharing your home office standing desk with another individual, then it is best to purchase a desk with a wide range. This will help ensure that each person’s specific and preferred desk height requirements are met.

Weight Capacity

Each standing desk comes with its own weight capacity. Be sure to purchase a desk that can comfortably carry the weight of your office essential items. Such items include laptops, monitors, files, and other office accessories.

Ease of movement

Height adjustable standing desks come with a wide variety of mechanisms for raising and lowering desks. Some use hand cracks, while others utilize pneumatic or electric lifts. These two latter lifts are more efficient, easier to use, as well as less noisy compared to hand cracks. Height adjustment is also quicker with electric and pneumatic lifts as compared to hand cracks.

Noise Levels

The mechanism for adjusting the height of a sit-stand desk needs to be as unobtrusive and as quiet as possible. Noisy, obtrusive mechanisms can disrupt one’s focus and workflow. People are also less inclined to adjust the height of their desks if the mechanism is uncomfortably loud and disruptive.


Many of the electric sit stand desks come with easily programmable controllers. Some even have memory preset functions. Both of these features make it extremely easy to set the desk at the user’s most preferred height each time an adjustment is needed.


Another major consideration when it comes to selecting your home office standing desk is its speed. How quickly a desk raises or lowers will determine how functional the height adjustment really is. The quicker the speed of adjustment, the more likely people will adjust the height of their work surfaces throughout the day. The speed of adjustment is calculated in inches per second. Thus, the more inches a desk can move per second, the more ideal it is for ergonomics purposes.


The aesthetics and ergonomics of the home office standing desk are major considerations. However, you also need to consider its functionality or usability based on your individual needs. You need to consider whether a particular desk can accommodate specific tools required in your work. Such tools may include privacy screens, tool rails, as well as lighting. Accommodation of specific work related tools can heighten the functionality of a standing desk.


There are some height adjustable desks that need power to run. If you are planning on going for one of these, you need to plan for easy access to electricity.


The price of a standing desk will also be a major consideration. It is important to weigh the price of such a desk against the other considerations mentioned above. Some desks are expensive, but lack programmability, or noiseless adjustment. Likewise, some standing desks are low price, but their weight capacity or height range is small. Have a budget, yes, but, ensure that your budget does not force you to go for a desk without full capabilities.

Finish/Material Used

Here, you are considering whether the desk is a good complement to your home office. You want a piece of furniture that is great to work on, but, also good to look at. You also want a desk that harmoniously co-exists with the other items in the room. You do not want a desk that looks misplaced in your home office.

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