10 Best Thermal Blankets of 2021

Thermal blankets are ideal layering pieces for your bedding. In addition, they are versatile in that they can be used on couches, in cars, and on camping trips. When looking for an ideal thermal blanket as well as the best thermal sheets, you should look at three things. These are, the quality of materials used, the weight, and whether it is all season. Therefore, we have reviewed some of the best thermal blankets currently available on the market that has those qualities and more.

Utopia Bedding Thermal Blanket

Utopia Bedding Cotton Queen Blanket White - 90x90 Inches Blanket for Bed - 350 GSM Soft Breathable Blanket View on Amazon

This is a soft, and breathable thermal blanket from Utopia Bedding. This full/queen size measures 90 inches by 90 inches and comes in either grey or white. It is oversized to cater to the natural shrinkage of the cotton material.

This blanket is constructed using 100% ring-spun cotton that guarantees breathability, warmth, and comfort. It consists of a dobby weave that features a waffle square pattern.

Owing to its cotton construction, this blanket is ideal for use in all seasons. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for use during the warmer seasons. In addition, its breathability helps regulate your temperature, which keeps you cool during the warm nights.

On the other hand, its fibers are tightly woven together, which traps heat and keeps you warm during chilly weather.

Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around and store. Hence, this thermal blanket is ideal for camping.

The cotton fabric softens after every wash, and its shedding is very low.

Cotton Craft Thermal Blanket

COTTON CRAFT - Super Soft Premium Cotton Herringbone Twill Thermal Blanket - Full/Queen Sky Blue View on Amazon

This is a 100% cotton thermal blanket from Cotton Craft. It boasts of a Herringbone Twill weave design, which is unique and visually appealing. This design also ensures that the cotton fibers are held together tightly for that warm, snug feel.

It measures 90” by 90”, and is of medium weight. This weight makes it ideal for all seasons. The cotton material is breathable, so you do not have to worry about sweating or any discomfort during warm nights.

This thermal blanket is also excellent at layering. Furthermore, its design and sky blue color make it compatible with any bedding ensemble.

Owing to its 100% cotton construction, this thermal blanket is soft and cozy. In addition, it is highly durable and will serve its owner well for years to come.

It is machine washable, hence care and maintenance are easy and convenient. This thermal blanket is lint-free after the first wash. In addition, it does not shrink after wash and will fit your bed the same way every time.

Hillfair Combed Cotton Thermal Blanket

100% Soft Premium Combed Cotton Thermal Blanket– Queen Blankets– Soft Cozy Warm Cotton Blanket– Bed Throw Blanket– Queen Bed Blankets– All Season Cotton Blanket– Blue Queen Cotton Blankets-By HILLFAIR View on Amazon

This is a queen size thermal blanket from Hillfair, crafted using 100% soft, high-grade cotton. It measures 90 inches by 90 inches, providing adequate space for shrinking. The cotton fabric is combed guaranteeing the softness and durability of this thermal blanket.

In addition, the cotton is of the long-staple variety, which further enhances the quality and comfort of this blanket.

It’s cotton construction makes this thermal blanket soft to the touch. Furthermore, it is also lightweight and breathable as a result making it fit for all seasons.

Its breathability and lightweight helps keep you cool during the warm nights. On the other hand, the fibers come tightly packed to trap heat and keep you warm during the cold seasons.

It is machine washable, and with every wash, this blanket becomes softer. You should wash this blanket separately the first time in order to keep the shedding at a minimum. There is very little shedding after the first wash.

Bedsure Cotton Thermal Blanket

Bedsure 100% Cotton Blankets Queen Size for Bed - White 405GSM Waffle Weave Soft Lightweight Thermal Bed Blankets Queen Size, 90x90 inches View on Amazon

This is a purely cotton thermal blanket from Bedsure. Its waffle weave design is the perfect complement to any room decor. In addition, this blanket is suitable for layering purposes and goes well with any bedding ensemble.

Its waffle design is also responsible for the soft, springy, and tactile feel of this thermal blanket. Furthermore, the cotton used in the construction of this blanket is 100% ring-spun. This helps in further softening its fibers and making this blanket highly wrinkle resistant.

Other incredible features to expect from this blanket is fade resistance. In addition, it will not leave large amounts of lint in the dryer after a wash. Its design as well as the material used in its construction ensure that this blanket does not shrink, and has no nasty smells after use or wash.

With a weight of 405GSM, this cotton blanket is the perfect weight for keeping you warm without you overheating during summer nights. Owing to the compactness of its cotton fibers, this thermal blanket will keep you exceptionally warm during cold days.

Great Bay Home Thermal Blanket

100% Cotton Waffle Weave Thermal Blanket. Super Soft Season Layering. Mikala Collection (Full/Queen, Pale Blue) View on Amazon

This is a thermal blanket from Great Bay Home that is manufactured using 100% cotton. Its cotton-based construction makes it soft to the touch, and highly absorbent.

It has a waffle weave design and is super soft. Both of these qualities make it ideal for layering in all seasons. You can place it under your bedspread or quilt for the best results, especially during the winter nights.

The cotton gives this thermal blanket optimal breathability. This breathable feature keeps you cool enough during the warm nights, and warm enough during the cooler/chillier nights.

It comes either as a full size or queen size measuring 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. This size makes it a perfect fit for any bed, regardless of size.

Its construction is designed to guarantee durability over a period of several years.

This thermal blanket is ideal for RVs, guest rooms, bedrooms and camping thanks to its lightweight nature.

In addition, it is machine washable, making it easy and convenient to wash and maintain. Tumble dry is the setting utilized for drying this blanket using the machine.

Treewool Cotton Thermal Blanket

TREEWOOL 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket - 440 GSM Soft Premium Breathable All-Season Blanket in Waffle Weave (Queen Size - 90' x 90', White) View on Amazon

This thermal blanket from Treewool is made from 100% cotton. It consists of a beautifully constructed waffle weave design that perfectly accentuates the decor in any room or space. This thermal blanket is expertly knitted and then hand-finished, for that superior quality finish.

The nature of the weave allows this blanket to keep users warm during cold nights, and cool during the summer nights. This feature makes it an all-season blanket that can be used all year round.

It is a queen size measuring 90” by 90”, with enough material to compensate for any shrinking that may occur.

This queen-size thermal blanket is perfectly suited for bed layering and is compatible with different bedding arrangements. For extra comfort, it can be placed as an extra layer between the mattress and duvet. In addition, it can also be used as a bedspread.

It is fully machine washable and can be dried using the machine under the tumble dry low setting.

2PO Twin Size Thermal Blanket

Twin/Full Size 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket (White Color) View on Amazon

This is a twin size thermal blanket from 2PO made from 100% natural cotton. This material is soft to the touch and breathable, making it cozy and comfortable. It is suitable for all seasons as a result of the breathability of the cotton material.

It measures 82 inches by 95 inches, making it suitable for the majority of beds and mattresses. Its size helps cater to the natural shrinkage that will occur over time.

Owing to its lightweight construction, it is suitable for use on the bed, on couches, on chairs, in the car, and on the beach.

These blankets are machine washable and dryable preferably under tumble dry low. It does not produce too much lint when in the wash. With repeated washing, the cotton material gets softer, and you will enjoy this continued softness for years to come.

This twin size thermal blanket is made using all-natural ingredients. This makes it safe to use by all members of the family as it has no toxic or allergy-causing elements.

Bedding Craft Farmhouse Thermal Blanket

Farmhouse Cotton Thermal Blanket in Basket Weave -90x90Full Queen Teal,Snuggle Super Soft Blanket,Breathable Cozy Cotton Blankets,Full Queen Blanket,Navy Blanket,Light Thermal Blanket,Soft Blanket View on Amazon

This is a full queen size thermal blanket measuring 90 inches by 90 inches from Bedding Craft. It is crafted from 100% natural cotton, that is breathable, warm, light and soft. The cotton material has been thoroughly combed to guarantee the durability of this product.

It comes perfectly suited for layering, but can also serve as a bedspread for those extremely warm nights. Thanks to its breathability and lightweight construction, this thermal blanket is ideal for all seasons and can be used all year round.

It features a basketweave design, which is instrumental in ensuring it does not snag. This design also makes it accentuate any room’s decor. In addition, it is compatible with most bedding ensemble. This design also adds to the breathability of this thermal blanket.

Furthermore, this blanket is highly versatile and can be used in different places including on the bed, couch, car, and on picnics.

This thermal blanket is machine washable and dryable. For best results, ensure that you follow the care instructions provided on its tag.

Life by Cotton Farmhouse Thermal Blanket

Farmhouse Cotton Thermal Blanket in Waffle Weave -90x90Full Queen SAGE Green, Snuggle Super Soft Blanket,Breathable Cozy Cotton Blankets,Full Queen Blanket,Light Thermal Blanket,Soft Blanket View on Amazon

This is a full queen-sized thermal blanket from Life by Cotton. It is made using 100% natural cotton and comes with a waffle weave design and pattern. The cotton material is responsible for the soft feel of this blanket. It gets softer with every wash giving you a cozy, snugly feel for years to come.

In addition, it makes this thermal blanket airy and breathable. The result is an all-season blanket that will keep you warm during the cold winter nights. In addition, it will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer nights.  

It measures 90 inches by 90 inches, and is sage green in color, making it highly visually appealing. This color will not fade even after years of use and washing.

This blanket is machine washable, but, it is recommended that you use non-chlorine bleach when necessary. Tumble dry low for best results, and to avoid wrinkling.

GLAMBURG 100% Cotton Thermal Bed Blanket

Utopia Bedding Cotton Queen Blanket Grey - 90x90 Inches Blanket for Bed - 350 GSM Soft Breathable Blanket View on Amazon

Glamburg’s thermal blanket is a queen size measuring 90*90 inches. It is crafted using 100% high-quality cotton and features a basket weave pattern. By being 100% cotton, customers can expect that this product is long-lasting.

In addition, this thermal blanket can be used during all the seasons thanks to its basket weave design. It should keep you warm during the winter, and cool during the hotter months. It is also ideal as a layering component for a variety of bedding ensembles.

Furthermore, this blanket is aesthetically appealing. This is due to its distressed, rustic look that would perfectly complement any vintage decor.

What’s more, is that this cotton thermal blanket is easy to care and maintain. It is machine washable, but, it is imperative that you follow the care label instructions provided. This will guarantee the best results.

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