Top 7 Cheap 55 inch Smart TVs

55 inches is the sweet spot for a lot of people when they’re looking to get a new smart TV. They’re far from small, yet they fit well in almost any area of your home. However, if you’re limited with your budget, we have reviewed the 7 best cheap 55 inch smart TVs. And to make things a bit easier on your wallet, we’ve included some excellent 55 inch smart TV sales and deals.

TCL 55S425

TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019) View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 49 x 28.4 x 3.1 inches | Weight: 23.6 pounds

TCL is one of the world’s leading budget TV brands, and the 55S425 is their way of telling consumers that a 55 inch smart TV doesn’t have to cost you too much. It’s definitely an entry level TV if you look at the pricing, but the performance and usability of it punch way above its weight class.

First, the 55 inch LED panel has a 4K resolution, as well as HDR. This results in a very nice image quality with sharp details and plenty of contrast across the board. Everything is great in this regard, and you’d be hard pressed to find better image quality at this price.

To add to this, you’ve got Roku TV functionality. Roku is one of the best smart TV experiences out there, and you’re looking at over half a million TV episodes and movies, something few other streaming services can offer. The TV is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can control it with your voice as well, if you’d like to.

Last but not least, you’ve got a decent port selection with multiple HDMI ports, USB, RF optical audio and ethernet, and there’s also 802.11ac Wi-Fi, too. It’s a great package, for a more than reasonable price.

TCL 55S525

TCL 55' Class 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV - 55S525 View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 4 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 48.4 x 28.1 x 3 inches | Weight: 39.8 pounds

If you’d rather spend a bit more than what TCL offers as their basic, entry-level 55 inch smart TVs, you should be looking at their 5 series TVs, and the 55S525 is the model that’s right for you. It’s priced very competitively, especially when you stack it up against some of its competitors, and it’s one of Amazon’s best-selling TVs for a reason.

You are looking at a 4K UHD panel with Dolby Vision HDR, which means that the image quality is pretty much impeccable. It’s made even better by their Wide Color technology, which further improves the dynamic range and the range of colors available, and you’ve got a very lifelike picture. Oh, did we mention that you get a 120Hz Natural Motion, as compared to the 60Hz in the basic models? This makes things even smoother. Console gamers will also love the Auto Game Mode, which reduces input latency and sets the picture settings just right for gaming.

Roku TV makes an appearance as well, and you’re looking at one of the best smart TV experiences, with an excellent app ecosystem and a UI that’s incredibly easy to use. Pair this with voice control via Alexa and the Google Assistant, as well as the excellent port selection, and this is an excellent all-round option.

Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA

Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA Curved 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model) View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 48.7 x 31.2 x 10.3 inches | Weight: 39.9 pounds

Samsung is one of the most popular brands for TVs out there at the moment, and while their bread and butter are their high-end models, they also have some great picks for those of us who would rather save a few bucks. One excellent example of this is the UN55RU7300FXZA, which is a 55” curved 4K TV that checks all the boxes for a good 55” smart TV.

First things first, the curved 55” panel makes for a very immersive experience. The fact that you’re looking at a UHD processor that upscales all your content, as well as a combination of PurColor and HDR means that you’ve got a truly spectacular color experience, and one you won’t find with many other TVs.

There’s also Samsung’s smart TV features, as well as their OneRemote that allows you to control all compatible devices. You’ve got an operating system that’s pretty easy to work with, and you also have smart expandability with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The speakers on this TV are also pretty neat, and you’ve got a decent port selection as well. Yes, it’s a bit pricier than some of the more budget models, but you’re getting quite a lot for your money, which makes the UN55RU7300FXZA a very good choice.

Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN55TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model) View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 48.4 x 30.8 x 9.9 inches | Weight: 31.3 pounds

Samsung refreshed most of their budget smart TVs for 2020, and the UN55TU8000FXZA is one of those refreshed models. While the 2019 models were excellent in their own regard, the new models do bring slightly cheaper prices, as well as an improved smart experience and a better processor.

Kicking things off with the image quality, this is an LED panel with Samsung’s Crystal Display, which gives you colors that are tuned for a more vivid experience. While this might partly be a personal preference, it’s a nice addition. It’s also paired with Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K, which upscales your content to the TV’s 4K resolution to make the viewing experience even better. Oh, and you also get HDR, for a much improved dynamic range, and overall excellent image quality. The 120Hz motion rate also makes things rather smooth and pleasant to look at, too.

This TU-8000 series TV also comes with Samsung’s Tizen OS smart experience. Not only do you get a smart experience that’s a pleasure to work with, but it also works with Alexa and Bixby, as well as Samsung’s OneRemote that will control all compatible devices. Overall, you’re looking at a TV that checks all the boxes for an excellent midrange TV, yet comes in at a fairly wallet-friendly price. What more could you ask for?

TCL 55R625

TCL 55' Class 6-Series 4K UHD QLED Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV - 55R625 View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 4 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 48.3 x 31.1 x 12.4 inches | Weight: 40 pounds

We’re somewhat getting used to seeing some excellent value propositions from TCL, but their 6 series 55” model, the 55R625 really takes things to the next level. You’re looking at a very reasonably priced 4K TV set that checks all the boxes for an excellent smart TV experience, and comes with all the features you could want, and then some. Do we have your attention? Read on.

First things first, this is a 4K panel, which at 55 inches, is an excellent viewing experience. It’s an LED panel, but one that has well thought out contrast control zones, and you’re getting pretty much QLED quality out of it. There’s also Dolby Vision HDR to further enhance the colors and viewing experience, and we’ve got zero complaints about the panel itself, even though this is supposed to be a budget option.

As you would expect from TCL, you also get Roku TV, a smart TV solution that’s got a very intuitive user interface and over half a million shows and movies available, so you’re more than covered. Add to this the game mode, which makes things smoother and reduces latency for gaming, and you’ve got a very well rounded out TV at a price that’s fairly reasonable. What more could you ask for?

Hisense 55H8F

Hisense 55H8F 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart ULED TV HDR (2019) View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | HDMI Ports: 4 HDMI 2.0 | Size: 53.5 x 33.8 x 6.3 inches | Weight: 45 pounds

Hisense is another one of those brands that aim to offer as much as possible for a reasonable price, and the 55H8F is an excellent option that does exactly that. It is a great choice for everyone who wants to save a few bucks but not compromise on image quality.

The panel is a 55” 4K panel that has Hisense’s ULED technology. It’s basically an LED panel, but one with improved colors, better contrast and excellent brightness. You do get a 240Hz motion rate, but this is still a 120Hz refresh rate, so it’s smoother than a basic TV set, but not as smooth as a high-end model. For the price, though, we aren’t complaining. There’s also Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, so the expanded dynamic range is there, and so are improved contrast and brightness, also thanks to the 50 full array local dimming zones.

The smart functionality is there, and it’s excellent, thanks to Google’s Android TV. The OS is very intuitive to use, and you’ll be greeted by a vast variety of TV shows and movies, as well as easy-to-use casting features. Overall, you’ve got an excellent package that comes at a reasonable price, and yet doesn’t cut any corners where you don’t want it to. It should definitely be added to your shortlist.

Samsung UN55RU7100FXZA

SAMSUNG UN55RU7100FXZA Flat 55-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model) View on Amazon

Screen Size: 55 inches | Screen Type: LED | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI Ports: 3 | Size: 48.8 x 31.2 x 10.3 inches | Weight: 39 pounds

Samsung has been around for a good while, and they’ve got a fairly extensive range of TVs for pretty anyone’s pocket. This makes them a great pick for a lot of users, and if you’re one of those people who would want a good 55” smart TV, but don’t really want to spend thousands of dollars, the UN55RU7100FXZA is a great pick for you.

It comes with a flat panel that has a 4K resolution, and a processor inside that will upscale everything you watch and give it 4K quality. When you add to this HDR, which significantly enhances the details, as well as gives you a much better dynamic range, you’re looking at excellent picture quality. Oh, and it also comes with Samsung’s PurColor, which makes the colors even better. It’s overall a great experience.

The smart functionality is excellent as well, with a user interface that’s easy to work with and has all the streaming apps and functionalities you would need. It also comes with Alexa compatibility, and support for Samsung’s OneRemote that controls all compatible devices. It’s overall an excellent smart experience, and we have no complaints about it.

To add to this, the design with the slim bezels and cable management solution make this an even better pick. It is absolutely worth considering if the pricing is right for you.

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