25 Best Cheap Throw Pillow Covers

An easy and effective way to bring new life to your living room, bedroom, or even your outdoor furniture, is to get a new set of decorative throw pillow covers. Bringing in some new colors and beautiful designs can easily elevate the look and feel of a room. Therefore, we have decided to review 25 of the best cheap throw pillow covers.

This list contains a hand-picked selection that is a mix of high quality, highly rated, and low-priced throw pillow covers. These throw pillow covers also come in many different color and size options including 20”x20”, 18”x18”, and more to help you elevate your home’s décor.

PHANTOSCOPE Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Phantoscope Set of 4 New Living Series Coffee Color Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm View at Amazon

This series of throw pillow covers have a rich collection of styles ranging from classical illustration designs to more contemporary themes. With twenty-nine different design and color options to choose from, you are sure to find a set of throw pillow covers the will bring elegance and charm to any room’s decor. They’re made of a durable polyester blend that keeps the print designs and colors lively even after several washes. Lastly, these throw pillow covers are both machine and hand washable making them fairly easy to clean.

MIULEE Classic Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Covers

MIULEE Pack of 2 Retro Checkers Plaids Polyester Linen Soft Soild Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Home Decor Design Set Cushion Case for Sofa Bedroom Car 18x18 Inch Cream White and White View at Amazon

Classic designs never go out of style and this series of throw pillow covers are a great example. Made with 100% natural eco-friendly cotton linen, these covers have thirty-seven different color/design options. Additionally, they have seven different size options to choose from including 18 x 18 and 20 x 20. These pillow covers also have an invisible zipper design and are machine washable.

HOME BRILLIANT Striped Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

Home Brilliant Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Set of 2 Striped Velvet Corduroy Gray Couch Pillow Covers Decorative Pillows for Couch Chair Bed, Light Grey, 45x45cm View at Amazon

If you like of a combination of textures and softness, then these cozy velvet throw pillow covers are the right option for you. They come in Fifth-teen different color options, therefore you are sure to find the right tone that will compliment your home’s décor. Moreover, because of their textured stripes, they also bring an extra layer of visual detail. These velvet throw pillow covers are also made of 100% high-quality polyester.

MIULEE Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Pillow Covers

MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative Furry Throw Pillow Covers Luxury Soft Faux Rabbit Fur Warm Square Cushion Cases for Sofa Bedroom Living Room 18 x 18 Inch White View at Amazon

If you like to snuggle with your pillow while napping or relaxing on your couch or bed, these throw pillow covers are going to be just right for you. Made of a Polyester and Cotton Blend, the texture and design of these throw pillow covers are designed to be soft and very elegant. There are also many sizes and colors to choose from.

HOME BRILLIANT Burlap Linen Cushion Covers

Home Brilliant Decorative Pillow Covers Linen Cushion Covers Square Throw Pillows Covers for Couch, Baby Pink, 18 inch, Set of 4 View at Amazon

These beautiful throw pillow covers have a very elegant yet classic design. Their 100% polyester fabric is super soft, thick, and durable. There are also nine color options to choose from, mainly in a subtle pastel gamut. The tones of these pillow cover make them rather easy to combine different colors. They’re a great choice to complement an ambiance and will bring a feel of elegance to almost any room.

PHANTOSCOPE Living Series Dahlia Throw Pillow Cases

Phantoscope Set of 2 New Living Series Decorative Dahlia Red Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover 18' x 18' 45cm x 45cm View at Amazon

These aesthetically pleasing throw pillow covers have a beautiful contemporary dahlia flower print on one side with the other side being solid white. These lively designer throw pillow covers come in six dual color options and are made of a durable polyester blend. Additionally, the only size option available is 18 x 18-inch and the zippers are also discreetly hidden for enhanced elegance.

Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers, 100% Cotton with Faux Leather, Amaro Set, Pack of 4 (18'' x 18'') View at Amazon

The Woven Nook Decorative throw pillow covers are a rather interesting series of pillow covers. This is because each of the four pillow covers features a completely different design, yet they still provide a cohesive visual experience as the contrast one another. Three of them are white with black linear designs on one side, while the fourth one is a vegan faux-leather brown which provides a touch of elegance. Simply put, these pillow covers will go well in almost any room in your home.

KEVIN Textile Flocking Striped Corduroy Cushion Covers

Kevin Textile Decor Velvet Throw Pillow Covers, Striped Decorative Pillow Case Handmade Cushion Cover for Couch, 18x18 inches,2 Pieces,Primrose Yellow View at Amazon

These contemporary throw pillow covers have a rather modern look: they are made of a flocking striped corduroy-style fabric that is 100% velvet. In other words, they have an attractive textured design with small lines intersecting throughout. They also come in seven solid colors options to choose from. Their zippers are well hidden and are a nice way to bring a touch of color to any space within your home.

MIULEE Soft Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

MIULEE Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Cushion Case for Sofa Bedroom Car 18 x 18 Inch 45 x 45 cm View at Amazon

These decorative velvet throw pillow covers are soft and cozy, available in a wide gamut of beautiful colors, and will certainly give an elegant touch to your sofa or bed. Their fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester that has a beautiful satiny shimmer. While the zipper is designed to be pretty much invisible.

OJIA Decorative Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover

OJIA Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case Super Soft Plush Accent Pillows Case Decorative New Luxury Series Style (18 x 18 Inch, Thick White) View at Amazon

If you like soft textures and have a unique sense of style, this faux-Mongolian fur pillow cover will be a very special addition to your home’s decor. They are made of 100% polyester and exudes a cozy yet graceful vibe that is perfect for relaxation. These are also available in several sizes and color options.

KEVIN Textile Faux Linen Throw Cushion Covers

Kevin Textile Faux Linen Square 2 Tone Woven Throw Pillow Sham Cushion Case Covers for Car/Couch Use, 18-inch(2 Packs, Grey) View at Amazon

The KEVIN Textile Faux Linen throw cushion covers feature a two-tone faux-linen fabric that delivers a pleasing visual experience. These pillow covers come in twelve different color options which allows you to combine two or more colors to bring a new look and feel to any room in your home. They are also made from 100% polyester and are machine washable.

LANANAS Luxury Soft Faux-Fur Throw Pillow Covers

LANANAS Luxury Soft Plush Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers for Couch Decorative Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow Covers Pack of 2 (18'x 18', Pearl White) View at Amazon

These are very chic and super soft throw pillow covers. Their furry texture provides more comfort than traditional pillow covers and gives off a rather cozy accent and feel to your room’s decor. The two available sizes of these throw pillow covers are 18 x 18 inches and 12 x 20 to go along with 6 color options. They are also fade-resistant and do not shed.

BAIBU 100% Cotton Decor Throw Pillow Covers

baibu Pack of 4 Grey Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover, 100% Cotton Decor Sofa Throw Pillow Case Square Cushion Cover for Couch Sofa 18x18 inch/4PCS View at Amazon

These throw pillow covers all have a white 100% cotton canvas base on which different beautiful designs have been embroidered on. Their color gamut explores extensive tones of gray, green, light blue, and black that is further enhanced by the white background. The design patterns and textures are also unique making these pillow covers great for almost any occasion.

BLUETTEK Modern Throw Pillow Covers

BLUETTEK Modern Simple Geometric Style Soft Linen Burlap Square Throw Pillow Covers, 18 x 18 Inches, Set of 4 (Green) View at Amazon

These decorative throw pillows have a contemporary design that is both beautiful and elegant. The designs of these throw pillows pop as they contrast with the beige natural cotton background allowing them to easily improve the décor of any room they are placed in. They’re also made of a durable cotton burlap, have a hidden zipper, and are easy to wash.

WOVEN NOOK 18 x 18 Cotton Throw Pillow Covers

Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers, Atlas Style, 18 x 18 Inches (Set of 4) View at Amazon

This set of four pillow covers each have a different trendy printed design and are a practical way of bringing in some geometrical contemporary designs into your space. They are made of a 100% durable long-lasting cotton fabric, have a very discrete zipper, and are durable. They are designer pillow covers of the highest quality for a reasonably low price. As an additional benefit, Woven Nook offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Mika Home Jacquard Tropical Leaf Pattern Throw Pillow Covers

Mika Home Set of 2 Jacquard Tropical Leaf Pattern Throw Pillow Covers Decorative Pillowcase 20X20 Inches,Blue Cream View at Amazon

The base color of these Jacquard throw pillow covers is a soft cream tone complemented by a beautiful leaf design with four color options to choose from. They come in two different sizes which are 20 x 20 inches and 12 x 18 inches. These throw pillow covers are a practical way to bring elegance and intricate floral designs to the decor of any room within your home. Their seams also have zigzag stitching to ensure durability to go along with their hidden zipper design.

TangDepot 100% Cotton Floral-Print Throw Pillow Cases

TangDepot 100% Cotton Floral/Flower Printcloth Decorative Throw Pillow Covers /Handmade Pillow Shams - (18'x18', S07 Chrysanthemum) View at Amazon

If you are looking for bright and colorful throw pillow covers with original and cheerful designs, you’ll love these for sure! These beautiful throw pillow covers have flower prints on 100% cotton and come in a very wide variety of sizes ranging from 12 x 12 inches up to 28 x 28 inches. There are also forty-one different design and color options to choose from. Other features of these covers are their hidden zipper design, all the edges are sewn with zigzag stitching to prevent fray, and both sides of each pillow cover have the same print design.

CALITIME Hand Painted Trellis Chain Throw Pillow Covers

CaliTime Pack of 2 Cozy Throw Pillow Cases Covers for Couch Bed Sofa Farmhouse Manual Hand Painted Colorful Geometric Trellis Chain Print 20 X 20 Inches Main Grey Teal View at Amazon

These pillow covers have a beautiful color-wash effect design that complements their white Trellis chain print. Designed by Micklyn Le Feuvre and crafted in poly fleece fabric, they are meant to be a comfy and trendy addition to almost any room in your home. They’re also available in twelve beautiful color designs with multiple size options.

SUO AI TEXTILE Metallic Suede Throw Pillow Cases

SUO AI TEXTILE Jacquard Floral Suede Thick Pillows Decorative Throw Pillowcase Soft Square Cover for Home or Sofa (18 x 18 Inch 2 Pack Rose) View at Amazon

These alluring designed throw pillowcases are sure to bring a vibe or feel of elegance to almost any room within your home. These series of throw pillowcases are available in many different designs and textures including soft pastel metallic and Suede. They also come in a multitude of color options and are rather unique items to liven up a room’s decor. Moreover, they are 18 x 18 inches in size, has a very discrete zipper, and are easy to wash as well. All in all, a good deal for a low priced eye-catching pillow cover.

TOP FINEL Microfiber Throw Pillow Cases

Top Finel Square Decorative Throw Pillow Cases Soft Microfiber Outdoor Cushion Covers 18 X 18 for Sofa Bedroom, Set of 6, Grey View at Amazon

If you are looking for a set of decorative contemporary throw pillow covers for your home, then you should consider these beautiful covers. On one side of each cover is an elegant geometric and mosaic-style pattern on a white base, while the other side is solid white. They are available in fourteen different color and design options to choose from. Additionally, these throw pillow covers are stain-resistant and their colors won’t fade away with a few washes.

TongXi Decorative 18 x 18 Throw Pillow Cases

TongXi Floral Cartoon Shadow Bird Pattern Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Covers 18x18 inches Pack of 4 View at Amazon

If you’re looking to bring some bold colors with cute and fresh contrasting designs to your home or office, then the TongXi series of decorative throw pillow covers are for you. Made of natural cotton linen, these covers are both durable and vibrant. There are sixteen different design and color options to choose from with some having a beautiful multicolor HD digital print with solid ink that won’t fade out after washing.

ANICKAL Cotton Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Anickal Decorative Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch Set of 4 Linen Compass Arrow Feather Live Love Laugh Quote Couch Throw Pillow Covers for Modern Farmhouse Decor View at Amazon

These are a set of four beautiful throw pillow covers. Each cover in this set has a unique design: one has an uplifting message written, while the others have different printed designs. Though all four complement each other rather well and share a common theme. These 18 x 18 inches pillow covers are made from a natural tone cotton linen, have a hidden zipper design, and are also easily washable.

YEEJU Plants Watercolor Illustrations Throw Pillow Covers

YeeJu Set of 4 Green Plant Throw Pillow Covers Decorative Cotton Linen Square Outdoor Cushion Cover Sofa Home Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch View at Amazon

No doubt, these are a definite pick for plant lovers! On the front side of each one of these pillowcases is a different and exquisite watercolor plant illustration printed on a beautiful natural tone 100% cotton linen fabric. The inks used are water-based but do not wash off, the zipper is well hidden, and are available in three different sizes.

CaliTime Contrasting Striped Throw Cushion Covers

CaliTime Pack of 2 Cushion Covers Throw Pillow Cases Shells for Couch Sofa Home Decoration Modern Shining & Dull Contrast Striped 18 X 18 Inches Dusty Pink View at Amazon

If you are looking for beautiful vertically striped throw pillow covers that contrast from shiny to dull, then the CaliTime Contrasting Striped Pillow Covers are right for you. They have fourteen different colors and three size options to choose from.

TREEWOOL Kaleidoscope Pure Cotton Throw Pillow Covers

TreeWool (Pack of 2 Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Kaleidoscope Accent 100% Cotton Cushion Shams Cases (18 x 18 Inches / 45 x 45 cm; Sleet Grey) View at Amazon

These beautiful and kaleidoscopic designed throw pillows covers are made from durable 100% cotton linen. They are available in six different colors and have five size options to pick from. These throw pillow cases are real eye-catchers and will exude a modern yet elegant style wherever you decide to place them. They are also easy to wash, reversible, come with invisible zipper for added elegance.

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