8 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

A bedroom legally has to be at least 70 square feet. When you think about it, that’s extremely conservative if you consider what furniture goes into the average bedroom. Therefore, it’s important to implement the best storage ideas that will maximize the space within your small bedroom. Therefore, below you will find some useful and clever storage ideas for small bedrooms on A budget. 

De-Clutter First

Taking the time to de-clutter might prove to be as effective as any new storage item. As organizing consultant Marie Kondo says, “keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”

De-clutter will allow you to create and maximize the current space within your small bedroom. From there, you can then adequately plan what, how, and where your new storage solutions will go.

There are many ways you can go about it. You can store seasonal clothing and items in your garage to free up space in your wardrobe, or you can get rid of items permanently.

Separate your possessions into four piles: keep, donate, throw out, and sell. Once you’ve gone through this process, you can then look at storage options for a far smaller number of items in your conservative-sized bedroom.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Utilize the Door of Your Room

When you’re trying to come up with storage ideas for your small bedroom, the bedroom door door probably should feature into the equation.

An over-door rack, which can sit on the outside or inside of your door, is an ideal place to store accessories. Everything from scarves and ties to shoes and necklaces can be comfortably stowed on an over-door rack.

The size and durability of such racks can depend on which style you buy. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options. The market is full of different rack types to suit contemporary and classic abodes. The hardest part will be choosing just one.

Make Use of A Wardrobe

KOUSI Portable Wardrobe Closets 14'x18' Depth Cube Storage, Bedroom Armoire, Storage Organizer with Doors, 5 Cubes + 1 Hanger, White

If you’ve got a few extra dollars, a budget wardrobe such as the one pictured above from amazon could be a great solution to your storage needs. The wardrobe should be short in length but provide enough depth to store clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

The average wardrobe size is around 24 inches deep and 72 inches high, which means there is plenty of space. Additionally, if you have the time, it can also be painted to match the decor of your room space so that it blends in.

A Bed with Base

Most beds have a highly underutilized base, so consider one that uses its base as storage. A bed base with drawers, compartments, and shelving can be the answer to your storage woes.

The beauty of a bed with storage is that they are often on par price-wise with traditional beds. You don’t have to spend too much more to acquire a bed that ends up being one of the most effective ways to save space in your tiny bedroom.

Bed Risers

Anyone looking for easy storage ideas for small bedrooms will surely find there are few things as easy as bed risers. They are four leg extenders that sit underneath the legs of your bed and offer additional height. Why buy such things, you may ask? Because they provide more room under your bed for the storage of items you don’t need to access often.

Everything from bulky winter garments to arts and crafts materials can be stowed away in containers under your bed. You then don’t need to stack them in every nook and cranny, making your bedroom look like it should be on an episode of hoarders.

Lift-Up Bed

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard, Full Size - Grey

While you can buy beds that have drawers underneath, you can also buy beds that lift up. Underneath the mattress, there can often be a pull tab that grants you access to organization compartments.

These can be large enough for clothing, art supplies, books, and nearly anything you can’t find space for. Such a bed type has been growing in popularity in the tiny home community, so it was only a matter of time before they became something for standard homes with small bedrooms, too.

Headboard Storage

You might be under the impression that you’ve exhausted all possible storage tips for tiny bedrooms. You may even think there is nothing left you can do to make your space seem even larger. But, have you thought about investing in a headboard that doubles as storage?

Believe it or not, such an accessory exists. It can form part of your bed frame, which you purchase with the bed frame, or as a board you place at the head of your bed as a separate piece altogether.

To look at it, it seems like any ordinary headboard, albeit a bit thicker. But with one pull of the end, it functions as pull-out storage, with racks and shelving to house your books, knick-knacks, and more. If you thought having a small bedroom meant having a lot of clutter, then headboard storage proves that’s far from the truth.

Wall Shelving

If the idea of a floor-to-ceiling wall wardrobe doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe a way in which to solve your storage problems is as easy as wall shelving. Out of all storage tips for tiny bedrooms, this is one of the more basic ones. In saying that, it doesn’t mean it’s any less valid.

Wall shelving can be installed relatively easily by someone with little to no experience, and it’s low-cost. Use it for your favorite accessories, trophies, or even books if you don’t have enough space for a bookshelf.

Decorative Wall Storage

RISEON Handmade Boho Leather Wall Pocket Wall Hanging Decorative Storage Organizer,Natural Rustic Wall Plant Holder Pouch,Small Wall Displsy Bin Organizer

You should also consider investing in decorative wall storage other than shelves. They tend to look more aesthetically pleasing similar to artwork, but with a practical purpose.

The best part is, no DIY skills are needed. Put hooks on your wall, add your wall organizer of choice, then fill it with those small items that tend to have no set place to live in your tiny abode.

Final Thoughts

If a small bedroom teaches you anything, it’s that you can do so much with very little. Implementing these storage ideas in your small bedroom will create more space and openess within your room. These ideas are also great if you are on a budget. But, it is important to first de-clutter. From there you can then start thinking about where your new storage solutions can go to maximize your space. You’ll be amazed at how much more room you have in your newly planned bedroom.

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